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Child and Family Studies


Housed in the School of Education, Westminster College’s Child and Family Studies major offers a viable alternative for those who do not wish to seek certification to teach, but who are interested in a career working with children, families and human service organizations. Offered as an interdisciplinary major, the Child and Family Studies faculty offer opportunities for experiential learning, paired with core courses in education, psychology, and sociology.

Westminster College is the only private college in the geographic area that offers this major or a major similar to it. The Child and Family Studies major will provide an opportunity for students to merge the best of three worlds, offering comprehensive and contemporary theories and practices for success.


What can you do with a Child and Family Studies degree?

Imagine yourself a private, parochial school, or charter school teacher, a preschool teacher, a therapeutic support staff worker, a family support staff worker, a child care center teacher, an early intervention specialist, a family caseworker, or a career counselor.