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Performance Venues


Orr Auditorium

Orr Auditorium is a multi-purpose space that is used for many events throughout the college's academic year. The 1,728-seat hall is suitable for recitals, concerts, plays, lectures, conferences, films and commencement or award ceremonies. Orr Auditorium is an extension of the college's School of Music, home to the Westminster College Celebrity Series and utilized by many of the college's departments.


Anderson Amphitheater

Anderson Amphitheater was built by New Wilmington Missionary Conference (a Presbyterian meeting every summer that brings missionaries from around the world) and is used by the college for outdoor activities, including picnics, concerts and movies.


Beeghly Theater

Beeghly Theater is located right next door to Orr Auditorium. Most theatrical productions are produced and debuted here, with seating for 238.

Beeghly Theatre


Mueller Theater

Mueller Theater is famous for its big screen, used for classes, special academic presentations and weekend movies.

Mueller Theater