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The mission of Westminster College is to help men and women develop competencies, commitments and characteristics which have distinguished human beings at their best. The liberal arts tradition is the foundation of the curriculum continually designed to serve this mission in a rapidly changing world.

The College sees the well-educated person as one whose skills are complemented by ever-developing values and ideals identified in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Westminster's quest for excellence is a recognition that stewardship of life mandates the maximum possible development of each person's capabilities.



  1. to reason logically and evaluate critically
  2. to communicate effectively
  3. to think creatively, and appreciate aesthetic expressions
  4. to demonstrate intellectual curiosity
  5. to acquire knowledge of self, society, human cultures, the natural world, and human relationships to God
  6. to apply knowledge to contemporary issues
  7. to demonstrate moral and ethical commitments to neighbor, society, and the natural world
  8. to demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning and the acquisition of skills for careers and responsible service as world citizens.