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Alumni Council

The Alumni Association serves as the governing body of the Alumni Association and is comprised of approximately 37 members from various backgrounds, class years, and geographical areas who are charged:

  1. to assist the College Administration and Board of Trustees in the furtherance of the strategic plan and other administrative objectives.
  2. to provide a liaison between alumni of Westminster College (the “College”) and the College, including trustees, faculty, administration, and students, by communicating to alumni knowledge of the College and its various activities and reflecting the sentiment of alumni on matters affecting the College;
  3. to encourage financial support, moral, spiritual, and economic growth for the continued strengthening of the College;
  4. to provide a resource of volunteers whose aim is to assist the College in its academic, cultural, extra-curricular, spiritual, and economic growth;
  5. to foster and further friendship among alumni and to provide opportunities for alumni service and education;

Information about Alumni Council including important dates, roles & responsibilities of members, and the Strategic Plan can be found on My Westminster.


Alumni Representative Responsibilities

  • Attend three Alumni Council meetings per year, held on campus. Meeting dates are released annually and will appear on our master schedule at

  • Financially support Westminster to the best level of your ability.

  • Help to fulfill the College’s initiatives with regards to the strategic plan.

  • Attend three committee meetings per year, which happen prior to each full council meeting.

  • Actively fulfill committee assignments. Committee work may require additional meetings on campus as well as phone and written correspondence.

  • Volunteer to assist with Homecoming festivities.

  • Attend College activities in your home area as a Council representative.

  • Serve as a liaison between members of the Alumni Association and Westminster College.

  • Encourage fellow alumni to support Westminster.