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Is it expensive to attend Graduate School?

A: NO, in fact most graduate schools will pay you! Stipends range from $16,000 PA - $35,000 PA. Many graduate programs come with free health insurance and some even provide accommodation. For information about benefits at various graduate schools, ask one of your ResPAC representatives


Should I do a Ph. D. or a Masters?

A: That will depend on yor chosen career. Most principle investogator positions in industry or acedemia require a Ph.D., while technician and research assistantships require a Masters degree. If you are not sure what you want to do, look for programs that allow you to enroll for a Masters degree that is convertable to a Ph.D. after two years; that way all your bases are covered.


What are the entrance requirements for graduate school?

A: Most graduate schools set their own minimum GPA requirement. Most also require that you take the GRE General Test only. Only a few graduate schools require a GRE subject test, but many recommend it (in which case you should take it). Even if the GRE subject test is not required or recommended, if you take the test and get a good score you should include it in your application. You may also be asked to provide a personal statement or an essay. If you are, make sure you get help with writing it and ask someone to check your grammar. To find out what the entrance requirements are for a particular program, go to the website for that program and search "entrance requirements"


How and when should I start looking and applying for graduate schools?

A: Look at this document (click here) from Ithaca University. It is a very useful check list of things you need to do and when you need to do them, if you want to find and apply for a good graduate program. The list is organized by semester; it tells you what things you should get done in your junior year - fall and spring, and your senior year - fall and spring. To explore all the available graduate programs out there, see the links on the Useful Links page of this website