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Useful Links

Planning for Graduate School

A really useful document form the American Chemical Society all about how to find and successfully apply to graduate programs, and what to expect when you get there. This document is not specific to chemistry programs. It is useful for students in all fields.


Educational Testing Services Website

Everything you need to prepare and register for a GRE exam, including test dates and locations, register on-line forms, practice books and software and many other services. Leave plenty of time to browse all of this website's services.

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Graduate school listings (MBA, Masters and Ph.D.) by field of study. This site lists more than 4,000 graduate schools in the sciences. A great place to start looking for a graduate school program.

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Resume and CV Writing Guide

For an extensive guide to writing a resume or CV approriate for jobs and programs in the sciences.

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Animal Behavior Internships

A great site, supported by the Animal Behavior Institute, for anyone looking for an internship working with animals.

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Council on Undergraduate Research Registry

You can sign in on this site and receive regular information about graduate schools.

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Kaplan Program Finder

This site has a good search engine for identifying appropriate graduate schools and programs.

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UAESTE America

For excellent internship opportunities abroad check this site.

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