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Calculus Placement Information

Almost all students at Westminster are required to take a mathematics course to fulfill the quantitative reasoning intellectual perspective (QR IP).  Reading this entire page and following all the directions will help you determine which Calculus class is for you.

Please check with your advisor if you are unsure …

  • which courses will fulfill the QR IP.
  • what math courses are appropriate for your major.
  • if you are required to take Calculus for your major.

Success in any mathematics course requires prerequisite knowledge.  If you are not academically prepared to take a mathematics course, regardless of the level, you will not pass it.  However, preparation does not guarantee that you will pass the course.  Success in the course will require hard work, substantial practice with homework problems, and the desire to learn the material. The following descriptions and explanations are for students who are expected to take Calculus for their major.  You should use this information and the self-assessment worksheet to help determine which Calculus course is appropriate for you.

Westminster Math Course Title See note Fulfill QR IP? You are prepared to take this course if you can solve these numbered problems in the self-assessment worksheet WITHOUT a calculator. The expected mastery of your high school courses should include
MTH 130 Precalculus 1 NO 1 – 4 Algebra I and II
Integrated Math I - II
MTH 131 Applied Calculus 2
Yes 1 – 8 Geometry
2-3 years of Algebra or
Integrated Math I – III
Some Trigonometry for Math 150
MTH 150 Calculus I 2 Yes 1 – 12
MTH 152 Calculus II 4 Yes 1 – 16 Earned an A or B in a solid AP Calculus Course  (Exam optional)



  1. MTH 130 (Precalculus) is the lowest level preparatory course offered at Westminster.  If you are not able to solve problems 1 – 4, you should take a College Algebra course at your local community college.  That College Algebra course will not count for any credit at Westminster.  However, we strongly recommend you master College Algebra material before attempting Precalculus at Westminster.

  2. Most students determine if they should take MTH 131 or MTH 150 based on their major.  We recommend MTH 150 for students who expect to continue their education with any advanced degree including finance, law, and medicine.

  3. Math 131 does not provide adequate preparation for Math 152.

  4. Occasionally, students begin in Calculus III.  Students who expect to begin in Calculus III should contact Dr. Merz via email giving her details of your previous Calculus experience.

Click below for the assessment worksheet:

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