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Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

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Computer Information Systems

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) program emphasizes the ways in which information technologies can best be used in a business or organization. As a CIS major, you'll learn about the relationship between information systems and the organizations they serve, including the design and support of computer-based systems. The curriculum combines foundation courses that use Java and C++ with supporting courses in business, economics, statistics, and calculus.

As a result, CIS majors graduate knowing not only how technology works in the big picture, but also how to think through what type of technology should be used to solve a specific business problem. This ability is extremely valuable to future employers, as today’s growing technology systems are crucial elements to any business or organization.

 Major Requirements & Courses


Computer Science

As a Computer Science major, you'll explore the world of programming and computing, in both practical, real-world settings and abstract, theoretical ones. At Westminster, you'll master the fundamental computer science principles and underlying mathematics that form the foundation for all current and future advances in the field. You'll also learn about technologies, software and programming paradigms relevant to the current state of the art in the field. This combined approach has resulted in a near 100% job placement rate for our graduates.

If you are interested in a career involving the design, development and maintenance of large software applications, Westminster also offers a Software Engineering Concentration as an alternate track towards a Computer Science degree.

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 Minor Requirements & Courses


Data Science (Minor)

The data science minor will prepare you for the analysis of data-driven problems within any major discipline. It supplements traditional statistical analysis, opening doors for new types of analysis and providing instruction in current techniques in the emerging field. This minor will complement and expand any data-driven major.

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As a mathematics major at Westminster, you will have the flexibility to apply mathematics to your passions through interdisciplinary work. You will develop close relationships with your faculty mentors through classes, undergraduate research, and extracurricular activities. The math program’s emphasis on developing skills in problem solving, coding, collaboration, and communication has led graduates to successful careers in a variety of fields, including data science, finance, actuarial science, and education. Also, in recent years, Westminster math majors have had a 100% acceptance rate to graduate and professional schools.

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 Minor Requirements & Courses

 7-12 Grade Teacher Certification


Interdisciplinary Programs


Individual Interdisciplinary Major

The individual interdisciplinary major allows students to design their own majors. Students identify a core of course work in one program of study (major or minor), and then add coursework from other disciplines to craft an educational experience as unique as their ambitions.

Recent real-life examples of Individual Interdisciplinary majors include:

  • Environmental Science Project Management (Environmental Science and Business)
  • Scientific Illustration (Fine Art and Biology)
  • Film & Media Relations (Film Studies and Communication)

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