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Congratulations! You’re accepted! Here’s a step-by-step guide to everything that comes next from getting your official Westminster online account to your first day of classes.


Congratulations! You're in! The first leg of your #WestminsterBound journey begins with the New Student Checklist.

  Make your deposit

  Future Titan Day Online! (March 28)

  Establish your Westminster online account and email address

  Add your Westminster email to your phone or tablet

  Complete your Course Preference form

  Complete your Residence Life form

  Complete your Health forms

  Register for a #WestminsterBound Event

We know navigating forms, assignments, finances and more can be challenging. That's why we created #WestminsterBound events, which gather our experts together in one place for the sole purpose of assisting you! In one afternoon, you can find a roommate, complete financial aid forms, adjust your course schedule, pick up your summer reading book, tour a residence hall room, take your Titan Card photo, connect with a counselor, health center, or disability resource office, and so much more.

#WestminsterBound events also include orientation sessions for students and for parents and families, especially those who are sending their first child to college. We begin with a formal program, but carve plenty of time for you to individualize your experience.

This summer's events will be on May 15, June 12 and July 10.
Registration opens on April 1.

Add these items to your summer to-do list and make sure they are completed before your arrival on campus in August.

  Attend a #WestminsterBound Event

#WestminsterBound events are designed to bring this guide to life. We know navigating forms, assignments, finances, and more can be challenging. Our experts are gathered in one place and are here to assist you! At a #WestminsterBound event, you can find a roommate, complete financial aid forms, adjust your course schedule, pick up your summer reading book, tour a residence hall room, take your Titan Card photo, connect with the Wellness Center or Disability Resource Office, and so much more.

This summer's events will be on May 15, June 12 and July 10.
Registration opens on April 1.

#WestminsterBound also includes orientation for parents and families, especially those who are sending their first child to college. We begin with a formal program, but carve plenty of time for you to individualize your experience.

Schedule of Events

12:30 – 1:00 p.m.
Check-in — McKelvey Campus Center
1:00 – 2:30 p.m.
Formal Program including:
  • Family orientation
  • Student engagement
  • Academic schedules & support
  • Roommate relationships
  • Your bill and financial planning
  • Summer assignments & orientation
2:30 – 4:00 p.m.
Individualize Your Day
Our experts will be gathered in one location in McKelvey Campus Center to answer questions, address your needs. Don’t leave campus with any question unanswered! Representatives include:
  • Registrar and faculty advisors
  • Financial Aid
  • Business Office
  • Residence Life
  • Transportation
  • Health Center/Counseling
  • Public Safety/Parking
  • Disability Services
  • LIS (library and information services) Help
  • Dining Services
2:30 – 4:00 p.m.
Campus & residence hall tours will be available


Contact our office at (724) 946-7100 with any questions or to register. We look forward to having you on campus!

  Receive Your Housing Assignment

Beginning on June 17, housing information will be available on my.westminster. Westminster is a four-year residential campus, which means all of our students live on campus in one of our residence halls. The residential experience at Westminster is unique and comprehensive. From the Resident Assistant on the floor, to the Residence Director of the building, to the Associate Dean, there is a group of people dedicated to your success. Everyone on the team is not only well trained, but excited and committed to helping you learn and grow in our residence halls. A small percentage of our students commute from the home of a parent or legal guardian. If you have qualified for commuter status, please be sure to attend the commuter meetings during orientation to learn how you can make meaningful connections on campus.

  Complete Your Summer Reading Assignment

The class of 2023 is reading Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. The book and a summer reading guide will be distributed at #WestminsterBound events (or mailed to you on July 1 if you can’t attend an event).

Read this book! You’ll be asked to write an essay and submit it online to the D2L course environment before you come to campus for orientation. This summer reading book is a required text for Inquiry, our first year student seminar course. Inquiry provides an opportunity to understand what the Westminster academic experience is all about. For complete assignment details, please check out our First Year Program page.

  View Your Bill and Set Your Financial Plan

Your bill will be available via CASHNet through my.westminster beginning on July 1. It is important that you understand and have a plan for paying for the costs of your college education. Your bill includes tuition, room, board, and fees for student activities, orientation, and certain music courses.

Be aware that there are other expenses associated with college. Some examples are books and supplies, parking fees, laptops and technology, travel, clothing, entertainment, etc. Regardless of who is paying for college, you should come up with a reasonable budget and determine who will pay for which items in advance.

The Financial Information Guide, which will mailed this spring, is a more detailed guide to help you understand your bill, financial aid, and other financial policies. This guide should be kept with important papers as a reference tool. The Financial Information Guide includes information on topics such as:

Financial Aid:

  • Types available and how to apply
  • Signing your financial aid documents
  • Frequently called numbers & websites
  • Working on campus

Billing & Payment Information:

  • Explanation of charges
  • Payment Terms & Conditions
  • How to view the electronic bill
  • Forms and methods of payment
  • Submitting a financial plan
  • Credit balance refunds
  • Financial holds
  • 1098-T tax forms
  • Important websites and contact numbers

  Receive Online Training About Important Issues

An interactive alcohol education and sexual violence prevention program will be available online July 15. Check your westminster email. This is an online alcohol and personal safety awareness education program required of all incoming students. These topics will be reiterated during Orientation and as part of Westminster 101, a class that all first year students take during their first semester.

  Pay Your Bill on or Before July 20

Payments on your account may be made online through CASHNet via electronic check, credit/debit card, and certain 529 plans. You can also stop by the cashier’s windows in the Business Office and pay by cash, money order, or personal check. If your plans include taking loans or using the installment payment plan, complete those processes before bills are due.

  Sign Up for a Parking Pass

If you bring a car to campus, you will need to purchase and display a current parking decal. The online parking pass form is available through the New Student Checklist on my.Westminster and can be completed online starting on July 15.

The cost for a parking decal for the 2019-20 academic year is $100. Proof of current vehicle insurance and registration must be presented to Public Safety in order to obtain a parking decal. Parking decals are not valid until received from Public Safety and affixed on the vehicle for which it is registered.

  Add Funds to Your Titan Card

The Titan Card is your campus ID card and is used for entry to your residence hall, library card, meal plan, and for Titan Dollars. Titan Dollars are optional money added to your Titan Card. Many students use Titan Dollars to purchase books, supplies, and apparel at the Campus Store, and at the local Sheetz. You can add anywhere from $25 to $1,000. Titan Dollars are optional and unused Titan Dollars are refundable. They carry over from year to year.

To add funds to your card please visit and log in using your Westminster credentials.


  Pick Your Meal Plan

We have three food service venues on campus: Galbreath Dining and TUB Food Court. All two facilities offer healthy options, snacks, carry out and made-to-order items. Most dietary needs can be accommodated, but you should contact the Food Service Director or Office of Disability Resources for special needs. All first-year, first semester meal plans feature a combination of cafeteria meals, commonly called "swipes", and some Dine Dollars. Swipes can be used at Galbreath Dining, a traditional all-you-can-eat cafeteria. Dine Dollars can be used to purchase meals at any venue.

All our first year meal plans give you the opportunity to experience all of the dining options on campus to help you choose the plan that suits you best for future semesters. We offer the following four meal plan selections for your first semester:
  • Titan 17: 17 Galbreath Dining meals along with $215 in Dine Dollars
  • Titan 10: 10 Galbreath Dining meals along with $540 in Dine Dollars (Default)
  • Titan 7: Seven Galbreath Dining meals along with $540 in Dine Dollars
  • Titan 5: Five Galbreath Dining meals along with $850 in Dine Dollars
First year resident students are assigned the Titan 10 MEAL PLAN for billing purposes, but you can select a different plan during Orientation. Students can keep track of their meal plan balances and add Dine Dollars via the GET app.

Most dietary needs can be accommodated. Check our Dietary Options page for dietary accommodation forms or email our Office of Disability Resources for more information.

  Buy or Rent Your Textbooks

On July 22, we launched our online bookstore with MBS Direct. To buy new or used books and ebooks or to rent them from MBS Direct:
  • Go to
  • Select Textbooks from the menu at the top of the page
  • Select your courses from your schedule
  • View your course materials and select your preferred format
  • Check out
Please note that textbooks will no longer be sold at the physical Campus Store in McKelvey Campus Center.

  Connect With Your Roommate

  • If you can, we suggest meeting in person. However if distance prohibits, we recommend a phone call or Skype/Facetime so you can get to know your roommate beyond their social media pages and text messages.

  • Talk about logistics with your roommate. It is easy to get a conversation going if you kick it off with who is bringing the TV and who is bringing the microwave.

  • Think about what you want out of a roommate relationship. Not all roommates are besties, and that’s okay! The best roommates are respectful and open to new experiences.

  • Make a list of your expectations about living with someone new. Think about what on that list is negotiable and where you can be flexible. The best roommate pairs work together to compromise and find what works for them.

  • Get excited! From making shopping lists to packing up the night before, it’s easy to get lost in the details. Take time to enjoy the experience, and get ready for all of the adventures ahead of you!

  Pack the Essentials

Your room comes equipped with a bed, a desk and chair, storage space, curtains, and a wastebasket. You may have thought already about the stuff you want to bring to make your new room YOURS (bedding, pictures, posters, etc.), but there a few things you can't do without:
  • Sheets (twin extra-long)
  • Pillow
  • Study lamp
  • Towels
  • Small trash bags
  • Fans
  • Umbrella
  • Bath bucket or shower caddy for soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
  • Laundry products (washers require high efficiency detergent)
  • Laptop (See Get Tech Savvy)

Consider bringing these optional items:

  • Microwave* (UL-approved, 1100 watts maximum)
  • Refrigerator (UL-approved, 4.3 cubic feet maximum)
  • Keurig style coffee maker
  • Plates, bowls, cups, silverware
  • Memory foam mattress topper (XL twin length)
  • Comfy chair (i. e., beanbag, papasan)
  • Area rug (not larger than 10'x10')
  • Full-length mirror
  • Television (must be a model with a digital QAM tuner)
  • Television stand (wall mounting is prohibited)
  • Cable cord (RG6 low loss black coaxial, 12-24 ft.)
  • Streaming media device (Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, and Roku are supported)
  • Computer printer
  • Gaming systems (PlayStation, XBox, Wii)
  • Small vacuum cleaner or Swiffer-type sweeper for tile floors
  • Small aquarium for freshwater fish


  • Candles and incense (including candles with wicks removed)
  • Non-LED string lights, halogen lights
  • Open element appliances (i.e., toasters, toaster ovens, George Foreman Grills, traditional coffee makers)
  • Pets (except for fresh water fish)
  • Air conditioners
  • Curtains or window dressings
  • Personal networking devices, such as wireless routers
  • Chromecast streaming devices (they are not compatible with our wi-fi network)
  • Firearms, ammunition, weapons, fireworks, gasoline, flammable materials, and motor vehicles in the halls

  Get Tech Savvy

When it comes to laptops, there are a lot of different options out there. If you are in the market for a new laptop, we recommend either of the following two models, based on their durability, processing speed, and size/weight. (NOTE: we always recommend at least a 3-year warranty. Your laptop will go through a lot during the next four years. If the unthinkable happens, you want to be able to replace it quickly and without spending a lot of money.)


14 inch
Intel Core i5 2.8 Ghz
256 GB Solid State Hard Drive
3-year ProSupport warranty

13 inch
Intel Core i5 2.3 Ghz
256 GB Solid State Hard Drive
3-year Applecare protection

If you already have a laptop, we will do our best to help you with basic troubleshooting and maintenance.



Office 365:

During your time at Westminster, you can download and use the entire Office 365 suite FOR FREE on multiple devices. Follow the ‘Office 365’ links on my.westminster to download the software. Even if you are a Mac user, you’ll want to take advantage of this deal because D2L, our online course system, can’t read .pages files.

Anti-virus and malware protection:

To protect yourself against computer viruses and phishing schemes, it is essential your computer has updated antivirus software and malware protection. Any anti-virus program will do, but we particularly like Symantec and McAfee. For malware protection, we like Malwarebytes, which is available FOR FREE from (or if you have a Mac).



Our secure wireless network supports most current computers, phones, tablets, Smart TVs, streaming devices, and gaming systems. However, hard-wired internet connections are not available in the residence halls.

The Orientation experience occurs the weekend before the Fall Semester begins. This year, the dates are August 23-25. We want you to have the best possible start to your collegiate career, which is why Orientation is required of all first year students. Transfer students should consider participating as well. A detailed orientation schedule will be posted here on August 1, but here’s an overview of how it works.

  New Student Orientation Schedule

  Transfer Student Orientation Schedule

  Move-in Day

Move-in is the opening piece of our Orientation schedule, so it moves very quickly and is jammed packed with sessions and activities. Families are invited to participate through Opening Convocation which is the College's official welcome of the first year class. The ceremony is followed by a quick family farewell before we whisk you off to your first session. While we know this is an emotional time, we have confidence in you to be able to move smoothly into this next phase of your college experience. A family orientation session will be offered for those who were unable to attend a #WestminsterBound event.

  Early Arrivals (Fall Athletes & Musicians)

Early arrivals, including fall athletes (cross country, football, soccer, and volleyball), marching band, and cheerleaders, will arrive on campus prior to the published move-in day. If you are participating in one of these programs, you will be contacted by your coach or advisor with specific details.

  The First Weekend

Orientation is a fun-filled time where you will meet your classmates, academic advisors, and campus leaders. You will attend sessions that will help you learn your way around campus – literally and figuratively. You’ll meet staff from many campus offices, learn the fight song and alma mater, and attend social events sponsored by Student Government Association and Campus Programming Council.

You will be assigned an academic advisor within your major (or to help you figure out what your major might be). This is a dedicated faculty member who will assist with scheduling and ensuring progress toward graduation. During Orientation, this faculty member can discuss changes you may need to make to your schedule. You can also stop by the Registrar’s Office with any questions you have about your schedule.

Orientation leaders (OLs) and resident assistants (RAs) are teams of students trained specifically to support you in your transition to college. The OLs will assist you through the orientation schedule, helping you make meaningful connections with other Westminster students. RAs are upperclass student leaders assigned to each floor and are trained to assist with a wide variety of student needs.

  Your New Address

Every student is assigned a campus mailbox which stays the same during your college years. Your mailbox address, which family and friends (and Amazon!) may send mail to, can be sent in the following format:

You can find your campus box number on by logging in and clicking “Housing: Roomate Information”.

When classes begin on Monday, August 26, you'll have learned a lot about the campus, met some of the staff, and forged many new friendships. Now it's time to really concentrate on understanding Westminster's academic year and making sure you are positioning yourself for success.

Academic Year at a Glance

  Midterm and Holiday Breaks

While the high school academic year and the college academic year are similar in some respects, there are significant differences.

There are scheduled breaks throughout the academic year for which you will be expected to return home. It might be helpful to know that Westminster holds classes on Labor Day. Residence halls are closed for fall midterm break, Thanksgiving, winter, spring break, and Easter break.

However, with the exception of these scheduled breaks, you are expected to attend every class session. Missing multiple classes for any reason can have a negative impact on your grade.

Athletes who are in season during breaks will stay on campus with their teams. Your coach will be able to provide more information.

Transportation Tip: Transportation to the airport and Greyhound bus station is available during breaks. Reservations can be made online or in Student Affairs and email reminders will be sent to students prior to each break.

  Midterm Grades

About halfway through your first semester at Westminster College, you will receive midterm grades from your faculty. While these grades do not appear on your official transcript or affect your grade point average in any way, they are an important measure of your academic success. You can expect to meet with your classroom faculty or your faculty advisor to review your midterm grades.

  Academic Advising and Registration for the Next Semester

In October and March, the Online Registration Schedule for the upcoming semester is published, and registration begins a few weeks later. With the publication of the registration schedule, the Academic Advising period begins.

Faculty advisors in each major area arrange advising appointments differently, so keep in touch with your faculty advisor as the Academic Advising period approaches, around the middle of each semester.

When the Registration Period opens, each class is assigned a Registration Day, and every student is expected to register for the next semester on their assigned day. Don’t miss your Registration Day! Many course sections fill quickly and you don’t want to be left scrambling to get the courses you want.

  Final Exams

At the end of each Fall and Spring Semester there is a designated four-day Final Exam Period. There is a special Final Exam Schedule that indicates the day and time of the final exam for each of your courses, as your final exams are scheduled separately from your regular class meeting times. A few days after the end of the Final Exam Period, faculty will record final course grades for the semester.

  Academic Calendar

  Tips for a Successful First Year

Students choose different paths to academic success and campus involvement—and even their definition of what success is may vary. Regardless of time, path chosen, and goals for success that are set, Westminster’s faculty and staff know that there are universal behaviors that will help every student move closer to success in all aspects of student life.

Show up

One of the obvious differences between high school and college is that you have more choice and autonomy at Westminster than you did in high school. With autonomy comes responsibility. Sure, it would be easy to silence an alarm clock, play video games, or spend the day in Pittsburgh rather than go to class. Most Westminster courses meet two or three times each week, so missing even one class can significantly hamper your success. Absences also can affect student-athletes’ ability to practice or compete with their teams.

Westminster’s faculty members notice when their students are absent because most of our courses have 25 or fewer students in them. We will get to know you well, and we expect you to show up for classes, labs, rehearsals, and appointments. We also expect that for every hour you spend with us in class, you will spend another two hours studying and preparing for the next class or assignment. College is a lot of work (it is your full-time job!) and being present is important.

Speak up

Merely being present is not enough. Your faculty expect you to be prepared for each class by reading materials and working on assignments ahead of time. In class, we expect you to be active, engaged learners who share your knowledge, experience, and insights. Sitting quietly at your desk and never contributing to class discussions deprives us of your perspective. Similarly, being present but holding side conversations, using electronic devices for purposes unrelated to the course, or catching up on missed sleep is discourteous to your faculty and fellow students. Every time you come to a class, lab, or studio, be prepared and ready to learn. If you have an opinion, share it. If you have an answer, give it. We want to hear from you.

Ask early

Faculty and administrators often find students wait too long to ask for help. The request comes just before a big exam, or after a number of poor grades. In some cases, students say they didn’t realize they were having problems until too late; in other cases, students suggest they didn’t know who to ask for help.

Westminster faculty members will evaluate your progress in courses through exams and quizzes, lab reports, rehearsals and performances, and so on. Many of them post your grades on our learning management system (D2L), so you will know your grades throughout the semester. Even if your professors do not use D2L, you can always ask them to let you know how you are performing in their courses. You do not need to guess at how you’re doing; your faculty will tell you exactly how you’re doing.

But don’t wait until an exam to visit your professors. Instead, visit each professor during the first week to introduce yourself, ask questions about things in the course that you don’t understand, and hear advice for succeeding in her/his course. Every faculty member sets aside time to meet with students (called “office hours”) each and every week of the semester. This is the ideal time for you to visit with your professors to learn how you are doing in their courses; to discuss strategies for improving; and to ask questions that were not addressed in class or textbooks.

In addition to the faculty teaching your courses, you have a dedicated faculty member who serves as your academic advisor. Advisors help you plan and register for your courses, but they can also help you find the resources you need to succeed. Those resources include the Academic Success Center, the Disabilities Resource Office, and the Professional Development Center. You should stay in touch with your advisor, especially if you are struggling in your courses.

Own up

When students have trouble in their courses, they sometimes think the professor does not like them, is disappointed in them, or that other factors are preventing their success. However, we often find that the reasons students struggle (or the solutions to their problems) are within their control. For example, they may be studying in ineffective ways, or not managing their time wisely. A part of succeeding academically is taking ownership of your education and making choices that help you meet your goals. If your grades suffer because you are staying up late to peruse social media rather than to study, then you can change your behavior to bring about a better outcome. Blaming others for not succeeding is easy, but it doesn’t lead to success.

Get involved

Westminster students are well-known for being incredibly active and engaged in the life of the campus—from student organizations to music ensembles to athletics to study abroad and more, students stay busy. Take advantage of the many lectures, performances, sports and cultural events offered on and off campus. Because engaged students are far more likely to manage time effectively, earn good grades, and persist at higher rates, we recommend you try out at least one organization or activity in your first semester. You must learn to balance out of class activity with academics—an important life skill. Your goal at Westminster is to earn your academic degree, and that is where your primary focus should be.

Take care of your health

It is important you plan for your physical and mental health care needs while attending college. No one plans to become ill, but if it happens, know that our Student Wellness Center is available for you. Being prepared and becoming familiar with the services available can help you manage illness much easier when it occurs.

Represent well

Westminster College was founded in 1852, and we are proud of our history. We are pleased that you have decided to join a community of scholars and alumni who care about your personal and intellectual development. You are a Titan, and we expect you to represent the College professionally and positively in all that you do. We want you to enjoy your time at Westminster, but also to appreciate that decisions you make today could have lasting consequences on your future careers—especially in the practically permanent life of the internet and social media.

Campus Resources

  Professional Development Center

You may have confidently selected a major or you may have no idea at all. Did you know an average college student changes majors three times during their college career and 80% change their major at least one time? The first year is often one of exploration and many students choose or change their majors. The Professional Development Center offers counseling and assessments to help match your interests and abilities to an academic major that is a good fit.

Additionally, you will meet the Professional Development Center staff in your Westminster 101 class where they will introduce you to important resume building strategies. For more information, please visit our Professional Development Center page.

  Counseling Services

Westminster College Counseling Services is committed to the personal growth and development of the student body. Counselors embrace a philosophy of diversity, respecting all students who seek services, providing a safe and confidential place to communicate.

Short term counseling services are free of charge; licensed and certified counselors address a wide range of mental health issues and provide referrals to services off campus. Appointments can be arranged by directly emailing the counselors or through the Student Health Center.

If you currently receive psychiatric services, we recommend that you locate a psychiatrist in the area PRIOR to matriculation for prescription needs, since waiting periods for a first appointment with local providers are no less than three months. For medications that do not require a psychiatrist prescription, a Health Center physician may be able to meet those needs. Please note that our campus physicians do not prescribe for ADD/ADHD. If you currently receive counseling services, and would like to meet with a campus counselor, please be sure to provide a release form from your provider.

For more information, please visit our Counseling Services page.

  Disability Services

The mission of the Office of Disability Resources is to ensure that all students at Westminster participate in a useable, equitable, inclusive, and rigorous learning environment. Some students want to start college with a “clean slate” and to attempt college without accommodation or support. This may work for some students while others stumble. If you have received academic accommodation in the past and find yourself needing similar assistance, you should seek out the Office of Disability Resources. There someone can talk with you to help identify the appropriate campus resources and accommodations. Students with medical, academic or housing issues can find information at the Office of Disability Resources.

For more information, please visit our Disability Resources page.

  Diversity & Inclusion

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion serves a variety of functions at Westminster College. Its main purpose is to advance diversity and promote a positive climate for differences of race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, religion and age on campus and in the community. Among its priorities are the recruitment, retention, and success of students of diverse cultures, religion and racial backgrounds. The diversity director’s goal is to prepare students to become effective leaders and productive citizens in the culturally diverse 21st century. With student input, the staff offers activities and experiences that nurture respect for the dignity of all human beings, and a tolerance and appreciation for individual differences.

For more information, please visit our Diversity & Inclusion page.

  Faith & Spirituality

The Office of Faith & Spirituality provides resources for members of the campus community to develop and grow in their own faith journey. This includes delivering weekly non-denominational worship services and a Catholic Mass on campus; providing a detailed listing of places to worship for most religious traditions in the area; organizing opportunities to participate in local and international volunteer opportunities; and maintaining the most up-to-date schedules of campus fellowship organizations and small groups for students to join.

For more information, please visit our Office of Faith & Spirituality page.

  Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is an integrated health care facility that provides general health services for illnesses and accidents, short term mental health counseling services, and wellness promotion for the students of Westminster. Clinical services are available for undergraduate students who pay the student activity fee.

Registered nurses provide assessment and consultation and a college physician or physician assistant holds daily clinic hours to treat acute illness and injuries. Westminster College strongly encourages all students to carry individual health insurance and to become familiar with their coverage. While most services at the Wellness Center are covered by the student activity fee, diagnostic testing and referral to outside community providers will require the use of individual health insurance.

For more information, please visit our Wellness Center page.

  Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center, located in Thompson-Clark, is open for all Westminster students. If you need someone to help you with concepts in a particular course or need help writing a paper, our exceptional peer tutors are available to help you in every subject from biology to Spanish. Or maybe you would just like to talk to students who have “been there, done that” with a course or an assignment and who can share how they improved their time management and study skills. Whatever it is, the Academic Success Center is here to help you succeed.

For more information, please visit our Academic Success Center page.

  Library & Information Technology Services

From the moment you arrive on campus, LIS is here for you to help with any of your tech and information needs. Whether you need help connecting the wifi or if you are looking for sources to cite in your first research paper, we’ve got you covered.

Stop by our physical LIS Help Desk in McGill Library for assistance, or, if you are the DIY-type, you can check out our online guides on my.Westminster (look for the word Help in the top menu) or through the Library page.

  Safety & Security Services

The Westminster College Department of Public Safety provides safety and security services to the campus community 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year. The Public Safety Department is made up of two full-time and 19 part-time members, the majority of whom are retired from public emergency service agencies, primarily state and municipal police. Public Safety officers have a wide range of training and experience in resolving safety and security issues and emergencies. Help is always just a call away.

For more information, please visit our Public Safety Office page.

The Parent Association provides resources for parents and family members while their Titan is making their home away from home at Westminster College. Our goal is to answer questions, provide helpful resources, and keep parents and families up to date about campus happenings.

Family Events

Parents and families are encouraged to remain connected to campus life by attending sporting events; music, theater, and Celebrity Series performances; Family Day activities; all-campus academic lectures; and special events planned by our alumni/parent relations office. The doors of Wiley Alumni House are always open to families who return to campus—so please stop by!

For information about upcoming events, please visit our Office of Alumni and Parent Relations Events page.

Family Resources

Parent Association Facebook Group

Westminster College Photo Gallery

Campus News

Upcoming Alumni Association Events (open to parents and families, too!)

Campus Contacts

For a complete description of the different divisions that make up the College and a contact list, please visit our Parent Resources page.