At Westminster, physics majors...

  • Work with Westminster faculty on research.  Shown below is 2007 graduate Colin Campbell, presenting research results with Dr. Caylor at the 2005 meeting of the Division of Fluid Dynamics of the American Physical Society.

  • Conduct summer research in internships and R.E.U. programs.  Shown below is 2007 graduate Michele Fenske, presenting research results from her summer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

  • Perform public physics demonstrations. On the left, 2003 graduates Joe Katich and Tom Pizon demonstrate their homemade smoke ring cannon. On the right, a foam airplane soars through the night sky as part of the Society of Physics Students activities during Geek Week 2006.


  • Are all smiles at Graduation. From left to right, the Department's 2007 graduates are Michele Fenske, Will GIles, Colin Campbell, Justin Bardash, and Jacob Flickinger.

In recent years, Westmister College physics majors have studied critical point phenomena in liquid mixtures, sonoluminescence, the Hall Effect, ferromagnetism, faster-than-light propagation of electric signals, the dynamics of toppling dominoes, CCD photometry, resonance in systems of magnets, oscillating water droplets, superconductivity, turbulent fluid flow, endoscope design, statistical correlations in laser speckle, and other fascinating topics.