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TITAN Talk: The World and YOU + What in the WORLD is out there?


Tuesday, March 19, 2019, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Dietz-Sullivan Lecture Hall, Westminster College

We’re in the business of creating human beings at our best. We invite our alumni and extend the invite to our students and friends in the community to learn from our very own faculty scholars and alumni on how we can all live our lives with a mindful purpose. Everyone is invited to partake in this free, three-part series, each featuring two, 30-minute talks. We’re excited to learn and develop our best selves with you through the scope of research and wisdom-based education and learning how your best self impacts community.

Dr. Angela Lahr, associate professor of history, will present “The World and You: What We Can Learn from the Past." The talk will explore the world in relation to the questions “What can U.S. history teach us about how others thought about themselves in relation to the rest of the world?” and “How can history help us find our place in the world?” This talk will highlight examples of individuals from the past who reflected on these questions in profound and far-reaching ways.

Dr. Thomas Oberst, associate professor of physics and director of the Westminster College Planetarium and Observatory, will present “What in the WORLD is out there? Searching for Planets beyond our Solar System.” In the past five years, Westminster faculty and students have co-discovered 20 exoplanets, planets outside our Solar System, using data collected using Westminster's own campus observatory right here in New Wilmington. This talk will introduce these new worlds, explain the discovery process, and discuss the prospects for continued exploration and discovery in the future.


For additional information, please contact Nicole Hunter at or (724) 946-7373.

Reservations due by Friday, March 15, 2019