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Alumni Event Proposal Form

Due 3-6 months prior to event.

Thank you for your interest in bringing a piece of Westminster College to your geographic area! We are so much stronger because of your support and enthusiasm in this way. Your assistance in planning an event or gathering with alumni goes much further than the event itself – it provides Titans of the past with the opportunity to reconnect with Mother Fair and pave the future of the College. The content in this form is a starting point. The Office of Alumni Engagement will help work through event logistics and also reserves the right to review event proposals and ensure that all events are in the best interest of the College and its strategic goals. Strategic Plan


Main Information



Possible Event Dates:

Please list 1-2 options that may work best for you, the venue, and the alumni in your area.


Additional Event Information:


Associated Costs:

Please list associated costs below and the College will assess whether or not funds are available.


Event Organizer Information:


Special Information


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