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Titan Talks: Public Speaking and Starting Something


Thursday, January 17, 2019, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Majoras Lobby, 2nd Floor Hoyt Science Center, Westminster College

We’re in the business of creating human beings at our best. We invite our alumni and extend the invite to our students and friends in the community to learn from our very own faculty scholars and alumni on how we can all live our lives with a mindful purpose. Everyone is invited to partake in this free, three-part series, each featuring two, 30-minute talks. We’re excited to learn and develop our best selves with you through the scope of research and wisdom-based education and learning how your best self impacts community.

Dr. Randy Richardson, Westminster College's visiting associate professor of communication studies, and Daniel Miller '95, director of operations for the Springfield Restaurant Group, will kick off the 2019 TITAN Talks series.

Dr. Richardson, a nationally recognized professor who has created a history in leading students to win numerous national speaking competitions, will provide communications guidance in his talk titled "Public Speaking: More Feared Than Death But Really Helpful in Life." The talk will focus on both advice for public speaking and more effective communication in daily life.

While "Speaking in Public" typically tops the Book of Lists most feared events category (Death usually finishes second.) the theory associated with the practice can enhance nearly every relational aspect of our daily lives. Beyond relationships, a knowledge of contemporary communication theory basics sharpens analytical skills and deepens critical thinking. By contrasting the fear associated with traditional approaches to public speaking with the freedom inherent in contemporary communicative approaches, one can better understand the benefits of a healthy, receiver-focused, message-centered approach to communication. Communication truly is the human connection. Any hope of improving humanity from the interpersonal level to a global context must begin with understanding and sharing meaning.


For additional information, please contact Nicole Hunter at or (724) 946-7373.

Reservations due by Monday, January 14, 2019