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Reflecting on WC with Jeni Vaughan '25

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Posted on Monday, February 28, 2022

Many alumni and people of the Westminster College community wonder what it's like to be a Westminster College student. For Jeni Vaughan '25, an Interdisciplinary major focusing on Criminal Psychology, it's nothing less than positively challenging. Read the brief question and answer session below to learn about her first year experience and what the people of Westminster College have meant to her.

How is your semester going so far? "So far this semester is great! I have been enjoying my classes since I had a bit more freedom of what I wanted to take this semester. Right now I am in PSY 421, which is Clinical Psychology, and I am enjoying that one the most. We’re learning about the different types of therapy and all of the history of Psychology and how everything has changed over time."

What's a story or situation that happened that resembles your Westminster College experience? "My first semester here in the fall, I ended up breaking my hand and was in a cast for almost three months. I had to travel back and forth from here to my home that is three hours away for doctor's appointments. All of my professors were extremely accommodating and gave me extra time and resources to get all of my school work and exams done. I was given the ability to take my exams with accommodating resources so I could get everything done to the best of my ability. It was extremely difficult to keep caught up on my work and do all of my normal routine activities, but everyone around me, like my friends, peers, and professors, gave me the help and time I needed to still succeed here."

What's your favorite spot on campus? "My favorite location on campus is the Hoyt Science Center. Every time I walk in there for my classes, I am reminded of the success of my peers and how hard everyone in the science programs work. I think about how in the near future, I will be in that spot, getting the opportunity to show off my own hard work and all of the research I have done. I love getting to study in my free time here, it’s always a quiet and calming place to get work done. I might feel stressed while I’m here, but I know that with time, all my hard work will pay off."

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