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Individual Interdisciplinary Major

At Westminster College, students are encouraged to find their own paths to success. One of the ways we support creativity and innovation is the individual interdisciplinary, which allows student do design their own majors. Students identify a core of course work in one program of study or major and then add coursework from other disciplines to craft an educational experience as unique as their ambitions. For more information, contact an Admissions Counselor today.

Requirements for the Major

Core Discipline in one program of study (24 semester hour minimum)
Additional coursework to equal a total of 52-76 semester hours in the major program

Individual Interdisciplinary Majors must be approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.


What can you do with an Individual Interdisciplinary degree?

Imagine yourself as a chemical ecologist, a science writer, a music executive, a daycare owner, or a pharmaceutical salesperson.

Quick Facts

Individual Interdisciplinary Major

Degree Offered

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science