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Psychology students at Westminster College engage in the scientific exploration of how humans and animals act, think, and feel through project-based learning activities. Solving problems is key to understanding complex issues, and the psychology program's unique hands-on approach puts the power into students’ hands. From their first year onward, students participate in individually designed experiments, hands-on work in computerized laboratories, use of professional journals, and practice in communicating results. By their senior year students have completed a two-term Capstone project where they design an individualized research study, collect and analyze data, write a polished report, and make an oral presentation at a regional or national conference. Students also complete a 160 hour internship in a psychological setting. The program’s advanced level focus on professionalism enables students to enter into careers with confidence and intelligence. Many of the program’s graduates have gone on to Masters or Ph.D. programs. Others have chosen medical school, law school or M.B.A. programs.


What can you do with a Psychology degree?

Imagine yourself in the human services field, in a research position, in a school system, as a forensic scientist, or holding a position in an industrial or corporate setting.