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National Connections: Third Party Pages Agreement

The National Connections Committee of Alumni Council is working to create an online landing page that will increase alumni peer to peer connections, networking and collaboration. As part of this effort, they would like to list third party pages (pages not directly affiliated or managed by College offices) as online locations for alumni to ‘gather.’ However, it is important to realize that this listing on a college-owned page provides the same level of tact, professional decorum and respect that the College itself would demand from such public spaces. As such, we ask that to be listed the administrator of these pages agrees to the following:

These pages are listed with the mutual understanding that they will adhere to the College’s guidelines cited below. The pages are not directly College-affiliated nor are they monitored by the College or their affiliates. Rather, they are listed as a service to our alumni with the hopes of better connecting them with other alumni. The College is not accountable or liable for information or comments that may be presented or shared. However, it will be at the College’s discretion to remove a page from the listing if it is believed that it is not reflecting the following:


  1. The page must adhere to the mission and vision of the College and public standards of acceptance for the relevant median being used, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  2. The page must promote a constructive environment, not a negative one.
  3. The page must not withhold membership to any alumni desiring to join, except in instances of Greek-affiliated organizations where there is a clear recognition as to who is or is not a member.

Alumni are encouraged to consider joining or following these social media groups to stay better connected with one another.


As owner/administrator to the following social media page,


How would you like your page listed?




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