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Westminster College is in the business of creating human beings at our best. This year, we invited alumni, students and friends in the community to learn from our very own faculty scholars and alumni business leaders on how we can all live our lives with a mindful purpose.

Each month, we sat back and developed our best selves through the scope of research- and wisdom-based education, learning how our best selves impact community. We didn’t want to keep this wisdom to ourselves, so here it is, neatly packaged for your viewing pleasure! Feel free to watch, take notes and send us what you learned!




Forever Shaken: Changing how we view language and group dynamics in a post-pandemic world

Addie Domske '12 and Anna Richards '72 will explore their greatest passions during our first online TITAN Talk. In their talk, "Forever Shaken: Changing how we view language and group dynamics in a post-pandemic world."

We are all shaken as a society by this global pandemic—but will we remember that feeling of personal insecurity once we collectively flatten the curve and a vaccine is made readily available? Join Addie Domske (BA, M.Div, MSW) as she brings in her clinical training in systems group theory and her professional life as a theologian and activist to challenge us to be truly changed by what we have learned about society—our collective group—during these chaotic, pandemic times.



Breaking Bad & the Science of Cancer

Dr. Karen Resendes, associate professor of biology and co-director of the Drinko Center
Dr. James Rhoads, professor of political science



Agility, resilience and self-motivation

Tim McNeil ’96, head coach for the men’s and women’s track & field and cross country teams
Brandon Phillian ’09, a Wilmington Area High School teacher and head football coach.

Titan Talk September



TITAN Talk: The Art of Failure & Saying Yes

Dr. Bob Badowski, assistant professor and chair of the School of Business and Summer Zickefoose, assistant professor of art



Titan Talk October



Understanding and Working with Generation Z

Dr. Mandy Medvin, professor of psychology; Gina Vance, assistant vice president for student affairs; and Sarah Gellman, Westminster counselor

Titan Talk September




What in the WORLD is out there? Searching for Planets beyond our Solar System

Dr. Thomas Oberst, professor of physics

The World and You: What We Can Learn from the Past

Dr. Angela Lahr, associate professor of history



The "Chemistry" of Beer

Dr. Pete Smith, professor of chemistry


The "Chemistry" (relationships) of People

Dr. Sherri Pataki, associate professor of psychology


How to Start Something

Daniel J. Miller ’95, Springfield Restaurant Group


Public Speaking: Feared More Than Death, A Friend Throughout Life

Dr. Randy Richardson, associate visiting professor of communication studies


Living in the Present and Growing your Creativity

Dr. Lisa Hickman, religion adjunct faculty

Digging Wells, Building Fires, Planting Seeds

Dr. Dar Huey, professor of education emeriti



The Time Value of Money

Brian Petrus, business administration faculty


Running the Race and Recognizing the Journey

Todd Cole, lecturer of education


The Mindful Mind: Creating a Sense of Calm in Life's Turbulent Waters

Dr. Alison Dubois, associate professor, graduate school chair

Exercise and the Mind

Dr. Deanne Buffalari, assistant professor of neuroscience and psychology