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Admissions Deadlines


Westminster has three application options: Early Decision, Early Action and Rolling Admission.

November 1
December 1
$200 due by January 15
November 15
December 15
$200 due by May 1
As soon as materials are received
$200 due by May 1

You can apply for undergraduate admission to Westminster College in the following ways:

Early Decision

If your first choice is Westminster, you are encouraged to apply Early Decision and make your senior year of high school stress-free. Early Decision allows you early access to figure out your financial aid offer, housing, roommate and class schedule, easing your transition into a great first year of college. Early Decision plans are binding — a student who is accepted must attend Westminster and withdraw applications to other colleges.

Early Action

If you want an early answer on your application status but need more time before committing to Westminster, apply Early Action. Early Action plans are nonbinding — students receive an early response to their application but do not have to commit to the college until the normal reply date.

Rolling Admission

Rolling Admission begins December 1st with notification as soon as the application materials are received and reviewed. A $200 deposit is due by May 1st. Students who apply after March 1st will be admitted based on space availability in the new first-year class.