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Dr. Carolyn Cuff is Taking Expertise Outside of the Classroom

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Posted on Monday, May 23, 2016

This semester, Dr. Carolyn Cuff, professor and program coordinator for mathematics at Westminster College, took her expertise outside of the classroom, representing real-world mathematical application.

“Dr. Cuff uses her expertise in a variety of capacities, one being working with students on complex and fascinating quantitative analysis, logical reasoning, and mathematical modeling to solve problems outside of the classroom,” said Dr. Terri Lenox, professor of computer science and division chair for cognitive and quantitative sciences.

In April, Cuff attended the Allegheny Mountain Mathematical Association of America (MAA) meeting in Erie, mentoring two undergraduate research projects, including “Foraging Strategies Exhibited by Physarum polycephalum” by Amanda Kowalczyk with Dr. Ann Throckmorton, professor of biology, and “Multiple Linear Regression vs. Partial Least Squares” by Keilah Ireland, senior mathematics major. 

Cuff also reviewed 20 student papers for Moody’s Mega Math Challenge, a high school mathematical modeling contest sponsored by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) and was chosen to review National Science Foundation (NSF) proposals in Alexandria, Va.

She mentored sophomore high school students for Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Sciences in mathematics for her presentation, “Modular Arithmetic for RSA Encryption,” which took regional first prize.

“Dr. Cuff’s students tackle relevant issues such as the chemical study and statistical analysis of frack water, how the timing of a quarantine affects the length of an epidemic, and the secret afterlife of batteries,” said Lenox.

For more information, contact Cuff at (724) 946-7291.