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Westminster College Assistant Professor Publishes Book Review

Posted on Thursday, August 30, 2012

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. - Dr. David Offner, assistant professor of mathematics, recently published a book review in the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Reviews, a part of the MAA Digital Library.

He reviewed Book of Proof, by Richard Hammack. The book discusses proofs and logic and was written to be used in a transition to higher mathematics course.

Offner has used the book in a mathematics course at Westminster and explains in his review, "My students and I have loved the book. They find it readable and interesting, and they learn enough from reading the book that I rarely need to explain any topic from scratch. I highly recommend this book as a text or supplement for an undergraduate transition course. Furthermore, it is readable and enjoyable enough that it would be interesting and useful independent reading for almost any undergraduate mathematics major."

Offner, who joined the Westminster faculty in 2009, earned an undergraduate degree from Yale University and a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University. He is also a reviewer for Discrete Mathematics. His research interests include: extremal graph and set theory, hypercubes and coding theory, probabilistic methods in combinatorics, random graphs, and approximation and randomized algorithms.

Read Offner's entire review here

Contact Offner at (724) 946-7293 or email for more information.

Dr. David Offner, assistant professor of mathematics