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Parent-Child Separation

Separation can be an emotional time for both a parent and a child.

We believe young children need support in separating from parents. Here are some suggestions to ease the separation.

  • Establish trust – say to your child, “This is a fun place to play. Your teachers will take good care of you until I come back.”
  • Acknowledge feelings – say, if appropriate, “You are upset because I am going. In a little while, you will want to play. Until then, your teacher will stay close to you.”
  • Keep your promise – say, “In five minutes, it will be time for me to leave. Until my time is up, let’s play with a toy in the classroom.” When the time is up, say, “It’s time for me to go now. I will be back at going-home time.” After exchanging a big hug and kiss, leave; don’t waver.