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College Connection

Part of the Psychology Program, the Preschool Lab is located in the Hoyt Science Research Center. Our early childhood curriculum benefits from the expertise of scholars in the related areas of education and psychology (see below). The Westminster College connection also provides many extra opportunities that the children enjoy:

  • Foreign language, music, art and other creative experiences offered by college students
  • Computers
  • Children's Library
  • light-bluehouse
  • Outdoor Biology Laboratory
  • Radio Station
  • Art Department
  • Planetarium
  • Old '77 Gymnasium
An observation room is available in the Preschool Lab that provides an opportunity for visitors to view our activities at any time.


Advisory Board

A Preschool Lab Advisory Board committee is formed each year. A parent from each class, as well as chosen faculty members from education, psychology, and a college administrator are asked to be representatives. The Preschool Advisory Board's purpose is to share ideas, concerns, and future plans for the preschool and meets once or twice a year.