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College Policies & Procedures


Name Policy

Westminster College holds that a person’s name is a powerful and meaningful identifier that has the capacity to create welcome and belonging. In addition to achieving an inclusive campus, the College has an obligation to ensure that faculty, staff and students have access to federal funds and services provided by governmental agencies, which makes the utilization of names more complex. To this end, the College’s naming policy defines various ways of employing common and legal names, both internally and externally.


Legal Name: The Legal Name is the name reflected on accepted forms of identification such as birth certificate, driver’s license, social security card, or passport. The legal name on file with Westminster College must match the name that appears on the legal form of identification. Individuals must request a change of Legal Name, such as when a change in marital status results in a legal name change.

Campus Name: The Campus Name is the commonly used name. Often, Campus Name and Legal Name are the same when students’ records are created through the admission process. To request a Campus Name, students must contact the Student Affairs Office and employees must contact Human Resources. This may include middle names used as first names, names chosen for individuals in transition, last names chosen to reflect family dynamics, etc. Campus Names are a reasonable variation of a Legal Name and do not include nicknames. Reasonableness will be determined by the office responsible for administering name changes.

Diploma Name: At the time of application for graduation, students will be given an option to select a name for the diploma. If a name is not specified on the application, the students’ Legal Name will be printed on the diploma. Diploma Names are a reasonable variation of the student’s campus or Legal Name and must be approved by the Registrar’s Office. The printed graduation program will list students’ Campus Names.

Uses of Names

Legal Name is used in official or legal processes, both internally and externally. The College’s Data Entry Standards outline which offices are responsible for making changes to Legal Name.

Common Documents that Use Legal Name:
     Financial Aid documents
     Official College transcript Payroll
     Billing records
     Medical records
     Federal immigration documents
     Non-resident visas and supporting documentation
     Tax forms (i.e. W2, 1095C, 1098-T, 1099)
     Checks and direct deposit files issued by Accounts Payable Student loan documents

The following table lists instances in which the differents names are used.

Classroom/athletic/residence hall rosters
Campus Name
Convocation & Graduation printed programs
Campus Name
Dean's List
Campus Name
Diploma Name (Legal Name, if not identified)
Email Address
Campus Name
Mailings to legal permanent residence
Legal Name
Media (press) releases
Campus Name
Network Account
Campus Name
Official Transcript
Legal Name
Payroll tax information
Legal Name
Titan Cards
Campus Name
Unofficial Transcript
Campus Name

Campus Name is used as an internal identifier, unless otherwise specified. Individuals who request the use of a Campus Name that is different from the Legal Name can expect the Campus Name to be applied to their email address, network account, Titan Card, and classroom/athletic/residence hall rosters. Changes to Campus Name will not be communicated to individual faculty or offices at the time of change unless they have a specific administrative responsibility for the change. Standard charges for Titan Card replacement apply.

Campus Name will not be used for some external communications, specifically payroll tax information or mailings to the legal permanent residence. However, Campus Name will be used for press releases, dean’s list, and Convocation and graduation lists, unless otherwise requested. To request that your Legal Name be used instead for press releases, dean’s list, and Convocation and graduation lists, please email Betsy Hildebrand, Director of Communication at

Individuals who wish for their Campus Name to be their Legal Middle Name will have a blank Campus Middle Name. Otherwise, middle names are required in the Campus Name fields.

Potential Impact of Name Change

Indicating a Campus Name in College systems can have a ripple effect throughout your daily transactions on campus. Multiple requests to change your name may lead to confusion regarding your identity, challenges in customer service, and interruptions in your ability to access some systems. Therefore, the decision to add or alter a Campus Name should be made thoughtfully. Excessive requests could result in denial of further changes.

How to Request a Campus Name Change

Students may request a Campus Name change by visiting the Student Affairs Office. Employees may request a Campus Name change through Human Resources.

Mailing to Student Homes

  1. Requests for mailing lists for students home addresses must be secured through the Registrar’s Office. No office or data manager should be writing their own reports for student mailing purposes. To request a file, please email the Registrar's Office at
  2. All current reports used for mailing should be modified by the Registrar’s Office or deleted. Only reports created on or after July 30, 2021 should be used for mailing to students.