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Fraternity & Sorority Regulations



Individual Chapters maintain all responsibility for following these policies. Any reports of alleged violations, received by IFC/Panhel, Public Safety, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs or Vice President of Student Affairs or other College officials, will be forwarded to the IFC/Panhel Judicial Process of Student Conduct.

If an individual Chapter is found to violate the policy three consecutive semesters, the individual Chapter will have their status, as a recognized organization at Westminster College, reviewed by the Vice President of Student Affairs.

These Standards and Policies are designed to educate while encouraging social responsibility and respect for human dignity, wellness, and student safety.

Important Contact Numbers

IFC President:

Alexander Marinski, Cell: 724-207-3381

PHC President:

Kerstyn Pomfret, Cell: 724-448-2477

Public Safety:


Student Engagement Office:

Francesca Manilla, Director of Student Life, Office: 724-946-7128, Cell: 724-877-0988;
Melissa Reabe, Area Coordinator: Student Engagement, Office: 724-946-7111, Cell: 724-610-0875

New Wilmington Police:


Poison Control Center

800-222-1222 (24-hour line)