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Fraternity & Sorority Regulations


Standards of Ethical Conduct

  1. National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) fraternities shall impress upon their undergraduate and alumnae members that they shall respect and obey the letter and the spirit of all NPC Unanimous Agreements.
  2. In case of Panhellenic difficulties, all chapters involved shall do their utmost to restore harmony and to prevent publicity, both in the college and the community.
  3. NPC denounces the arbitrary priority rating of women’s fraternities.
  4. NPC denounces the ranking or categorization of chapters determined by administrative personnel according to a chapter’s compliance with university standards or guidelines.
  5. NPC fraternity members shall not suggest to any potential member that she refuse a bid from one group in order to wait for a bid from another group or suggest that a potential member list only one choice on her membership recruitment acceptance.
  6. It is in accord with the dignity and good manners of fraternity women to:
    1. Avoid disparaging remarks about any fraternity or college woman.
    2. Create friendly relations between fraternity and nonfraternity women.
    3. Avoid negative publicity on Panhellenic matters.
  7. NPC discourages the use of Greek-letter fraternity names and insignia in inappropriate or distasteful commercial advertising.
  8. NPC has no affiliation or connection with any high school sorority.
  9. NPC supports all efforts to eliminate hazing.