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Fraternity & Sorority Regulations


Social Events

How do I get a Social Event approved for my Chapter?

Events meeting the following criteria must register with IFC/Panhel and abide by guidelines stated in policy:

  • Events held in Chapter Houses – if number of non-member guests exceeds or equals 50% of Chapter membership and alcohol is present.
  • Events held off-campus – Alcohol is present, non-members are present as guests, and the event is hosted/co-sponsored off campus.
  • Overnight events off-campus – an off-campus event that does not include alcohol must include the Student Travel Policy.
  • Turn in Event Registration Form a minimum of five (5) days in advance of event.

Registration of events includes:

  • Fully completed Event Registration Form 5 days submitted prior to event to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and IFC/Panhel Risk Management Officers.
  • Signatures of Officer in Charge, Chapter President and Advisor must be included on the form with all attachments. Advisor signature is required for all third-party vendor events.
  • Guest list should be submitted via email no later than noon the day prior to the event. Members of host sponsor/co-sponsoring organizations may be listed separately from non-member guests. The guest list must clearly show the name, birth date and/or age of all invited. The OIC must appear at the top of the guest list in BOLD. Using Chapter Rosters or Facebook lists to generate guest lists is prohibited.
  • A meeting with Chapter’s Officer in Charge, Chapter’s Risk Management/Social Chair and Risk Management Officer of IFC/Panhel is mandatory at least 5 days prior to event.

What guidelines does IFC/Panhel expect Chapters to follow when hosting an event?

  • Fraternities are prohibited from having any presence of alcohol products above 15% ABV in any chapter facility or at any chapter event, except when served by a licensed third-party vendor.
  • No one under 21 years of age will be sold or served alcoholic beverages or allowed to consume alcohol on Chapter property or at Chapter hosted/sponsored events.
  • OIC (Officer in Charge) refers to the primary officer from the sponsoring organization who must remain sober during entire event.
  • Chapters may be held responsible for actions and behavior of registered as well as non-registered events that are reasonably believed to be a function with alcohol.
  • Parties must end by 2:00 a.m. on weekends and midnight on weeknights.
  • Fraternities permitted to have a maximum of four (4) weeknight parties (Sunday – Thursday) each semester.
  • No fraternity-sponsored events are permitted on Saturday or Sunday prior to start of finals.
  • IFC/Panhel Risk Managers will not approve any events during the period recognized as IFC/Panhel Formal Membership Recruitment, determined by Council leadership.
  • Open parties are prohibited, and guest list procedures must be followed. FIPG recommends a two-guest limit per Chapter member. We encourage you to follow your inter/national organization’s policy regarding guests.
  • Guest lists may not exceed 300 names. A Chapter may not allow more than 200 people within their house at any given time, according to Fire Code. Chapters must create a system to monitor how many people are in their home.


  • Event policy shall not supersede the Policy of Westminster College, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or National/International Fraternity.
  • The Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and IFC/Panhel Risk Managers reserve the right to deny any event registration form that does not fulfill the requirements of this policy.