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Fraternity & Sorority Regulations


Social Events Risk Management Best Practices

Events with Alcohol

Posted signage must be clearly displayed:

  • “We retain the right to refuse entry to anyone.”
  • “Must be 21 to consume alcohol.”
  • “Safe ride information.” (If the Chapter is offering.)
  • “Re-entry only at Front Entrance” posted at all exits.

Walk Out Policy

If a Chapter co-sponsors an event and there is a violation of policy (Event Policy, Headquarter Policy, College Codes, Commonwealth Law), the Chapter(s) must vacate everyone from the event (within 5 minutes generally), or the respective judicial board may hold the Chapter partially responsible for the violation. Such violations include but are not limited to: common sources of alcohol, underage consumption of alcohol, not using guest list, not appropriately dispensing alcohol.

Proper Identification at Events

  • Attain proof of age in accordance with Commonwealth law. Guests entering must show proper identification of age with State ID, National ID, or Titan Card issued by the College.
  • OIC must designate legal drinking age with wristbands. Wristbands will be provided by IFC.

BYO (Bring Your Own) Policy

  • Chapter members and guests must bring their own alcohol for consumption at any alcohol events. Chapters may not purchase mass quantities of alcohol.
  • No one under age 21 may be served alcohol in accordance with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania law.
  • Members and guests may bring a reasonable amount of alcohol for personal use, but are prohibited from bringing any alcohol products above 15% ABV to any chapter facility or at any chapter event.

OIC (Officer in Charge) Responsibility

At least one (1) OIC of the host organization must be stationed at the front entrance at all times. OIC duties include:

  • OIC must remain sober throughout event.
  • OIC must be an officer or appointed member of fraternity or sorority.
  • OIC may not be a new, uninitiated member of the Chapter.
  • OIC, while not responsible for all actions during the event, is the official Chapter representative during the event. They are responsible for ID/guest list check, age verification, alcohol check-in and communication with police, security, band/DJ, neighbors, and College officials and attendees.

All Alcohol-Related Events must be enclosed in Chapter House or in a fenced-in area on Chapter property. No guests/members may be permitted to gather outside of the facility or fenced-in area, on roofs, or in streets or sidewalks.

  • No open containers may leave the event.
  • Alcohol products above 15% alcohol by volume are prohibited on any Chapter/organization premise and at any event, except when served by a licensed and insured third-party vendor.

Third Party Vendor Policies

  • Events with alcohol may not be used as fundraising or profit-making events for the Chapter or charity.
  • The vendor must assume, in writing, all responsibilities any seller of alcoholic beverages would assume in the normal course of business, including but not limited to:
    • Checking ID cards before serving alcohol.
    • Serving only those guests of legal drinking age.
    • Refusing service to guests who appear intoxicated.
    • Maintaining absolute control of all alcoholic containers.
    • Restricting sales of alcoholic beverages to NOT include shots.
    • Collecting all remaining alcohol at the end of the function.
    • Responsibility for actions and employment of hired third-party vendors, including off-campus events, rests with the host/sponsoring/co-sponsoring chapter(s).