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Fraternity & Sorority Regulations


Westminster College Panhellenic Recruitment Rules*

I. Statement of Positive Panhellenic Contact

We, the women of Westminster College, will promote panhellenic-spirited contact with all potential new members throughout the year. Strict silence will begin from the end of the woman’s last event until the issuance of bids. Strict silence is defined as verbal, nonverbal, written, printed, text message and electronic communication or communicating through a third party.

According to NPC, “Ethical Behavior means adhering to local Panhellenic rules as well as NPC policies. It means holding yourself and others accountable to make good choices in your actions. Ethical Conduct promotes parity for all member organizations by fair play” (page 172). We, as a Panhellenic community, are to promote positive contact with potential new members and our behavior should be consistent with behavior of friendships. Fully documented recruitment violations will be addressed through the judicial process should they occur.

II. Statement of Adherence to NPC Unanimous Agreements and Policies Regarding Recruitment

All NPC member organizations represented at Westminster College believe in strictly adhering to NPC Unanimous Agreements and policies. These valued and non-negotiable policies will be followed by all groups during the recruitment process, specifically:

  • All NPC Unanimous Agreements shall be upheld
  • Use of alcoholic beverages in membership recruitment and Bid Day activities is strictly prohibited
  • No favors or gifts may be given to potential new members (PNMs) by the fraternity and/or individual members
  • There will be no promising of bids directly or indirectly by a member, new member, or alumna of a fraternity
  • No sorority members may visit a PNM in her place of residence during formal membership recruitment
  • Strict silence is a period of time from the end of the woman’s last event until bids are distributed. Strict silence is defined as verbal, written, printed, text message or social media communication between the potential new members and sorority members, new members, or alumnae.
  • A fact sheet including a list of fees to be incurred by members during collegiate membership, grade requirements and housing obligations will be provided to each potential new member during membership recruitment by each chapter. The College Panhellenic will provide a range of fees as general information.
  • The MRABA script must be used prior to signing the MRABA to ensure that the PNMs understand this binding agreement.
  • Recruitment Counselors shall not be involved with any PNM in the process of completing and signing the MRABA.

III. Statement of Recruitment Model

  • Westminster College Panhellenic Council will hold a deferred formal recruitment period, always the first week of classes during the Spring semester.
  • Westminster College Panhellenic Council will adhere to the two-tier campus total as recommended by NPC. Campus total will be evaluated each semester after a comparative evaluation of rosters between the Student Affairs Office and each chapter. Once the rosters are reconciled, all organizations will be notified of the revised campus total. Only chapters who do not reach campus total at this time can COB through the Spring semester, but are strongly encouraged to do so within two weeks of formal recruitment.
  • Fall campus total should be evaluated within the first two weeks of Fall semester.
  • Spring campus total should be evaluated within 72 hours of the close of the formal recruitment period. It should be the goal to have a revised campus total immediately following bid matching, but this will be contingent on the accuracy of rosters provided by each chapter.
  • Because the two-tier recruitment model is designed to funnel all recruitment efforts and new member education efforts to one period of time each year, a reasonable end date to COB will be established so that all chapters can focus their energies on other priorities. This time period will be evaluated along with the semester total and will be communicated by the Fraternity/Sorority Advisor (FSA).

IV. Statement of Recruitment Counselor Disaffiliation

  • Recruitment Counselors will not disaffiliate from their chapters until the first day of formal recruitment.
  • During formal recruitment, disaffiliation will require that Recruitment Counselors not wear letters, clothing, jewelry or carry bags that would identify them with a specific chapter. Additionally, Recruitment Counselors should not participate in voting sessions with their chapter.
  • When at all possible, Recruitment Counselors should be paired to perform their responsibilities and should not engage privately or separately in conversation with PNMs.

V. Statement of “No Frills Recruitment”

Recruitment events are values-based and reflective of the women’s fraternal experience. The Fall Semester “Go Greek” Recruitment model will be planned and facilitated by Westminster College Panhellenic Council. As such, the informal recruitment period will be entirely values-based and no frills.

The following “No Frills” recruitment guidelines will apply to the Formal Recruitment period:

  • Decorations outside the reserved recruitment room are not permitted. All recruitment entertainment must be confined to the reserved recruitment room.
  • Use of recruitment skits at the first round of events is discouraged.
  • Eliminate all gifts, favors, preference letters, or notes for potential new members until they have accepted bids.
  • Develop conversation and interviewing skills.
  • Inside decorations should be kept to a minimum for all recruitment events

VI. Statement of Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement

The Westminster College Panhellenic will uphold and use the MRABA for each potential new member interested in joining a women’s fraternity, whether during formal or informal recruitment. We agree to all policies/steps pertaining to the MRABA.

VII. Statement of Values-Based Recruitment

We, the members of Westminster College Panhellenic, pledge to promote the following practices during membership recruitment:

  • Consider values-based conversations.
  • Choose recruitment activities and behaviors that reflect the core values of our organizations.
  • Engage in conversations that include topics related to our core values.
  • Make informed choices about potential new members.
  • Educate potential new members about the chapter’s values and connect to these values.


*Adapted from NPC rules for College Panhellenics