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Fraternity & Sorority Regulations


Fraternity Dining Options

Any student who resides in a fraternity house will automatically be billed the on-campus fraternity meal plan. Fraternity residents are able to add more Dine Dollars or switch to another on-campus meal plan but are required to have a meal plan with the College.

If a fraternity is able to provide consistent meal options through an in-house chef or restaurant meal plan, the fraternity chapter must provide a list of on-campus and in-house members who plan to utilize the in-house meal plan and proof of contract to the Director of Student Life and Director of Residence Life by June 15 of each year.

  • In the event a consistent meal option cannot be delivered to the fraternity (e.g. restaurant closes, chef retires, contract discontinued), the Fraternity Meal Plan will be applied to the affected students' bill.
  • If this occurs mid-semester, the meal plan will be pro-rated for swipes, and students will be charged the whole dine dollar amount.
  • In the event a student’s chapter membership is discontinued, for any reason while they are on an approved fraternity meal plan, a pro-rated meal plan option will be applied to the affected student's bill.