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Rising Titan (Student) Award Evaluation Criteria

General Guidelines

  • Will be a junior or senior at the time of the next awards dinner (homecoming weekend)

  • Is in good academic standing with the college (will be verified with Student Affairs)

  • Is being nominated by a current faculty, staff, administrator, an alumnus, or a fellow student

Outstanding Leadership While at College

  • Spearheads programs and/or events as a student leader and organizer

  • Participates as an on-campus volunteer

  • Represents the college at local or national events and programs

  • Is knowledgeable about the programs and offerings of the College and advocates on behalf of them

  • Consistently supports the institution through responsible tuition payments

  • Serves as a role model to other students

  • Enthusiastic and positive engagement at events

  • Willingness to engage other students to connect with the College and will have the likelihood of continuing this behavior after graduation

  • Showcases their college pride in their personal and professional life

Outstanding Leadership on Behalf of their Community

  • Participates in their community as a leader, locally or at home

  • Offers their skills and expertise to the greater community

  • Institutes programs that enhance or continues positive growth in their local community

  • Offers quality service to their peers, neighbors, and fellow students

Potential for Alumni Growth

  • Showcases the ability to influence peers in terms of alumni involvement after graduation

  • Identifies a vested interest in alumni connections and relationships

  • Values our alumni community and attempts to engage or interact with them frequently


The Alumni Council Nominations Committee enacts a points-based system to evaluate nominees using the criteria listed above. To best support your nomination, please make an effort to address these areas in your narrative.