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Other Graduation Requirements



It has long been recognized that healthful behaviors and physical fitness have beneficial consequences on intellectual readiness for learning. In addition, the Graduation Requirements value of wellness to an individual also has social benefit because it results in an overall enhancement of the quality of life. All students must therefore successfully complete PE 101 (Wellness).

Students may take physical education activity courses as electives, but may only earn a total of three physical education (PE) credits, including PE 101, in the total required semester hours for graduation. Grades in courses beyond the requirement will not be counted in the student’s grade point average.

The Major

Course work devoted to one or more majors provides opportunity for students to acquire significant understanding of a discipline's concepts, theories and principal paradigms. The major(s) also provides a mechanism for understanding and interpreting a broad range of ideas and empirical phenomena.


Electives are courses available to students outside of the major which provide opportunities for intellectual exploration. Such courses may be taken at any time during the undergraduate years and count toward the total number of semester hours needed to graduate.