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Honors Program

Westminster College’s Honors Program believes that the life of the mind is best cultivated when students take what they have learned in the classroom and go out into the world. That’s why our program builds international travel right into its sequence of interdisciplinary, team-taught global honors seminars with a trip to Greece. The Honors Core Sequence integrates a significant portion of the college’s general education requirements, including Writing, Speech and Inquiry, the cluster requirement, and a variety of the college’s seven required intellectual perspective courses.

The honors curriculum is designed to build a scholarly community that intellectually challenges students, provides innovative learning opportunities, builds an advanced foundation for interdisciplinary and global inquiry, and provides advanced opportunities for oral and written communication.

Benefits of the Honors Program

  1. Priority course registration
  2. Living and learning community of honors scholars
  3. Honors designated housing
  4. Travel abroad
  5. Leadership opportunities
  6. Rigorous learning experiences across four years of study
  7. All-College Honors designation on transcripts and diploma