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Humans of Westminster: Meet Jackie

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Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Connecting the Dots

We are reminded endlessly here at Westminster that a liberal arts education is all about connections. No single discipline can survive on its own; we need a little bit of everything to put all of the parts of ourselves together. I am a Media Art & Design major, but thanks to Westminster, I am so much more than that. My freshman year I learned how to use power tools to build a theatre set thanks to Terry Jachimiak. I've traveled the world through fiction with Dr. Ade. I learned how two opposite disciplines like medicine and literature are intertwined. I've written 40 pages worth of screenplays. I worked on a wonderful team that wrote, filmed, and edited a film in 48 hours. I've read from Chaucer, to Thoreau, to John Green. I love my major, but thanks to Westminster I know that there is so much more to learning than choosing what's comfortable for you and running with it. Learning is about putting yourself outside of your comfort zone. It's about playing one big game of connect the dots between everything you're being asked to absorb, and at the end of that game, you find out a little bit more about yourself and about the world around you. 

Jackie Schultz is a senior media art & design major.