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Marketing & Professional Sales

Course Descriptions

ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I (4.00 SH). A two-semester study of the basic principles and concepts underlying the measurement of financial activity, and the preparation and use of financial statements. Among the topics will be basic accounting theory, transaction analyses, income determination, asset and liability valuation.

BA 221 Marketing Research Methods (4.00 SH). A course in the commonly used statistical methods. Broad coverage is given to research design and hypothesis testing. Included are chi-square test of independence, analysis of variance, multiple regression and correlation analysis, and non-parametric statistics. Applications are used with computer software for statistical analysis. Prerequisites: BA/ECO 220 (or equivalent) and MTH 131.

BA 305 Marketing (4.00 SH). A study of the process by which products or services are brought to targeted consumers. The discussion includes consumer behavior, formation of a marketing plan and strategy, and marketing ethics. The approach is from the position of a business; however, consumer issues and concerns will also be discussed. Prerequisites: BA 140 or SCSM 101 or ECO 150.

BA 326 E-Commerce Marketing (4.00 SH). The course examines fundamental areas of e-commerce: the economic and strategic implications of the Internet; the uses of Internet technology to manage and redesign a business’s value chain; financing and valuing e-commerce organizations; the economic, regulatory and technical environment of e-commerce; risk management issues associated with e-commerce. A number of case studies will be employed to illustrate the principles discussed. Prerequisites: BA 140 and ECO 150.

BA 345 Sales, Business Dev, and Big Data (4.00 SH). For businesses to thrive, they must effectively sell their products and services and strategically pursue business development opportunities. Competent, ethical sales and business development professionals make this happen every day. This course will explore the sales and business development concepts of building successful relationships and rapport, developing effective sales strategies, understanding what consumers want from a professional salesperson, utilizing sales psychology, learning how to effectively prospect and maximize a thriving pipeline, and creating win win solutions. The theory of big data will also be covered as a mechanism to prospect, cultivate and screen sales leads and create business development opportunities. Prerequisites: BA 305.

BA 390 Buyer Behavior (4.00 SH). Study of major theories of consumer and industrial buying behavior, consumerism, and the ethics of marketing. Prerequisites: BA 220 and 305

BA 410 Global Marketing Management (4.00 SH). An introduction to the complexities of marketing goods and services to international consumers. The environment of international marketing will be addressed from conceptual and applied perspectives. Topics include the various economic, social, political and legal dimensions confronted in international marketing. Prerequisites: junior standing and BA 305.

BIO 206 Biostatistics & Experim Design (QR) (4.00 SH). An introductory course in experimental design and data analysis designed to encourage an understanding and appreciation of the role of experimentation, hypothesis testing, and data analysis in biology. The course will emphasize principles of experimental design, methods of data collection, exploratory data analysis, and the use of graphical and statistical tools commonly used by biologists to analyze data. Prerequisite: C- or better in BIO 201. Offered every semester. Meets Quantitative Reasoning (QR) IP

ECO 150 Economic Reasoning (ST) (4.00 SH). Fundamental economic concepts and theories of supply and demand, resource allocation, taxation, international trade, externalities, public goods, market models, and labor markets. An emphasis on applications in both public policy and individual decision making will be recurrent throughout the course. Meets Social Thought and Tradition Intellectual Perspective requirement (ST).

ECO 220 Statistics (QR) (4.00 SH). An introductory course in the analysis and interpretation of quantitative data. Attention is given to the binomial distribution, the normal distribution, sampling, introductory probability theory, and hypothesis testing. Real world applications are used with computer software for statistical analysis. Not available to students with credit in BIO 206, MTH 335, PSY 201, PS 301, SSC 251, or SSC 252. Prerequisite: MTH 131 (or concurrent enrollment in MTH 131).

MTH 135 Concepts of Statistics (QR) (4.00 SH). An introduction to the concepts of statistics. Topics include graphical and numerical summaries of data, confidence intervals and significance tests about hypotheses. Emphasis is placed on conceptual understanding and interpretation of data and statistics. Not available to students who have credit for ECO 220, PSY 201, SSC 251, BIO 206. (Offered Spring semester.) Meets Quantitative Reasoning Intellectual Perspective requirement (QR).

MTH 335 Statistics (4.00 SH). An introduction to statistics. Topics include exploratory data analysis, descriptive and inferential statistics. Both classical, and bootstrapping and randomization approaches to inferential analysis are taken. Prerequisites: C- or better in MTH 152 and in MTH 241. (Offered on demand.)

PS 301 Junior Sem:Research Design Analysis (4.00 SH). An introduction to the various approaches to and challenges of research design and analysis in the discipline of political science. The goal is for each student to design a research project which will then be pursued in the Senior Capstone course. This course must be taken in the spring of the junior year. Prerequisites: PS 101, 102, 103, 104 and junior standing.

PSY 201 Experimental Design and Statistics (4.00 SH). An introduction to experimental research design, methods and statistics for the behavioral sciences. This course includes research ethics training, APA style writing instruction, and data analysis. Students propose research, do peer review, collect and analyze date, and present the results through laboratory modules and term research projects. Prerequisites: PSY 101.

SCSM 202 Advertising & Publis Relations (4.00 SH). This course will examine the current practices of advertising and public relations with a particular emphasis on how these two areas work together in serving the client. Prerequisite: SCSM 101

SSC 252 Data Analysis for Soc Sci (QR) (4.00 SH). This class covers some introductory but powerful statistical techniques for analyzing and interpreting social science data. Students will use both descriptive and inferential statistics, and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of various statistical methods. They will also develop skills in presenting and interpreting statistical charts, graphs and tables. There is no formal prerequisite, but SSC 251, PS 301 or other exposure to research methods is recommended. Meets Quantitative Reasoning Intellectual Perspective requirement (QR).


What can you do with a Marketing & Professional Sales degree?

Imagine yourself an advertising agent, public relations specialist, corporate marketer, market researcher, brand manager, sales and retailing departmental specialist, or customer relationship manager.