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Department of English & Visual Art

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As an English major at Westminster College, you'll be a scholar from the beginning. Our innovative approach places scholarly conversation at the center of the curriculum. You will begin with paired courses that will introduce you to literary studies and ways of reading, combining textual study with literary criticism. Then you will move on to seminars in the sophomore, junior, and senior years that build on your knowledge base, incorporate research, and encourage you to join the conversation at ever increasing levels of sophistication. The program culminates in a two-semester Capstone course in which you will produce a substantial independent research project. Critical and creative writing are important components in the Capstone experience and in all class offerings.

English students often present their work at national and international conferences and work alongside faculty on research projects, while the internship requirement provides real-world experience in a wide selection of areas. Our graduates have successful careers as editors, educators, journalists, attorneys, lobbyists, entrepreneurs, business executives, sports information directors, publicists, librarians, film executives, and writers.

 Major Requirements & Courses

 Minor Requirements & Courses

 7-12 Grade Teacher Certification Requirements


Film Studies (Minor)

Film Studies minors develop the ability to discuss, analyze, and write about film texts. As you progress through the program, you will become more active and sophisticated readers of film through the introduction to the language systems that make up the film text and focused studies in film adaptation, screenwriting, and critical methods. Students will gain insight into film history as well as the way films both reflect and influence the culture in which they were created.

Students may pursue a major in Film Studies through our Interdisciplinary Major.

Graduates of the program have successful careers as producers, writers, script editors, film executives, and production assistants.

 Minor Requirements & Courses


Visual Art

The Visual Art major introduces you to diverse art forms through traditional and contemporary materials and techniques. Creative thinking and problem solving are integral parts of the degree. Westminster College offers a well-rounded education for artists, emphasizing the bridges between disciplines. Because of this, our Visual Art majors benefit greatly from the College’s liberal arts setting. The faculty encourage interdisciplinary studies that cross over into public relations, visual communications, psychology, or business courses. If you are seeking further study in fields of creative expression, Westminster provides a strong foundation.

There are extra-curricular opportunities offered to expand your knowledge and understanding of the cultural arts, such as trips to museums, galleries, special openings, and conferences. Invited working artists provide talks and demonstrations of their craft to introduce you to real-world applications of the degree. Visual Art majors are also encouraged to use their creative skills throughout campus via clubs, organizations, productions, and publications.

 Major Requirements & Courses

 Minor Requirements & Courses


Theatre (Minor)

The minor in Theatre aims to introduce students to the content and structure of theatre as an important cultural institution, and to encourage them to explore both its theoretical and practical aspects.

Students may pursue a major in Theatre through our Interdisciplinary Major.

 Minor Requirements & Courses


Writing (Minor)

At Westminster College, Writing minors develop critical and creative writing skills, which are important components of all class offerings. Through the curriculum, students learn how to research topics, organize and develop their thoughts, and revise and edit their writing with attention to grammar and style.

 Minor Requirements & Courses


Interdisciplinary Programs


Environmental Studies

With this flexible interdisciplinary major, students combine environmental studies coursework with a second discipline of their choice to work on problems of the environment. For example, you could combine environmental studies with English as preparation for a career in environmental writing or environmental law. Students interested in environmental law could also apply to start law school at the end of their junior year through one of our Bachelor’s Degree Plus Programs.

As an Environmental Studies major, you will benefit from hands-on, collaborative learning and partner with local and regional environmental organizations and businesses to work on real-world environmental problems. A required internship and team-based capstone gives our students the skills for success in careers and graduate school. As a bonus, we get to study the environment on our expansive and diverse 300-acre campus.

 Major Requirements & Courses

 Minor Requirements & Courses


Pre-Law Program (Pre-Professional Program)

Westminster has great success in placing students into law school. Rather than a narrow "pre-law" major, which most law schools and employers discourage, as a pre-law student at Westminster, you will choose a major that excites your interests and challenges your mind. The liberal studies requirements and available electives provide the breadth and depth of coursework throughout the liberal arts curriculum that are central to success in law school and the legal profession. Further, the faculty who advise the Pre-Law Program provide information and advice on career opportunities in law and law-related fields, help with internship choices, and assist in your preparation for admission to law schools.

Many of our pre-law students pursue a Legal Studies minor. You may also apply to participate in one of Westminster's two Bachelor's Degree Plus Programs, which allow students to begin law school at the end of their junior year, saving a year of tuition.

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Individual Interdisciplinary Major

The individual interdisciplinary major allows students to design their own majors. Students identify a core of course work in one program of study (major or minor), and then add coursework from other disciplines to craft an educational experience as unique as their ambitions.

Recent real-life examples of Individual Interdisciplinary majors include:

  • Environmental Science Project Management (Environmental Science and Business)
  • Scientific Illustration (Visual Art and Biology)
  • Film & Media Relations (Film Studies and Communication)

For more information, contact an Admissions Counselor today.


Bachelor's Degree Plus Programs


Bachelor's Degree + Law Degree (3+3 Programs)

In addition to having access to our robust 4-year Pre-Law Program, students interested in law could start law school at the end of their junior year through our partnerships with Widener University Commonwealth Law School and Duquesne University School of Law. Through these partnership, eligible students earn both a bachelor's degree and a juris doctor (J.D.) degree in just six years, saving time and money.

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Bachelor’s Degree + MBA (4+1 Program)

As a Westminster undergraduate student, you can get a headstart on your Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree by beginning your master's coursework during the second semester of your senior year.

Available to qualifying Westminster students with any major, our MBA program emphasizes real-world business issues integrating communication, accounting, finance, marketing, law, ethics, operations management and human resources in order to prepare you to thoughtfully and ethically lead in public and private sector organizations. The program offers students the choice of four concentrations: Management, Business and Data Analytics, Healthcare Management, or Sustainability (Green MBA).

For more information, contact the Chair of the School of Business, Dr. Robert Badowski,


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