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Outdoor Lab



The Westminster College campus includes approximately 100 acres outside of the main campus that are conserved for scientific education and research. The Outdoor Laboratory for Biological and Environmental Sciences includes three distinct areas that are used for education, research, and recreation. The 46-acre Field Station lies within walking distance of campus. It includes a Nature Center, nature trail, and various experimental and conservation areas. Brittain Lake, on the edge of the main campus, encompasses approximately 15 acres. In addition to enhancing the beauty of the campus, it is used by classes in biology and environmental science and for recreation. The College Woods is a mature 40-acre beech-maple forest south of campus. It provides excellent opportunities for ecological studies that require undisturbed ecosystems. A trail in the woods is used for recreational walking.


Our Mission

The mission of the Outdoor Laboratory takes its direction from the mission of Westminster College. The Outdoor Laboratory for Biological and Environmental Sciences comprises three facilities: the Field Station, Brittain Lake, and the College Woods. Together and separately they support and augment the philosophy and purposes of Westminster College. Westminster’s quest for excellence is a recognition that stewardship of life mandates the maximum possible development of each person’s capabilities. The Outdoor Laboratory thus realizes its mission in men and women who:

  • develop intellectual curiosity and the competencies to reason logically and evaluate critically;
  • acquire a knowledge and appreciation of the natural world;
  • develop and demonstrate moral and ethical commitments to society and the natural world;
  • commit themselves to lifelong learning and responsible service as world citizens.

The Outdoor Laboratory endeavors to fulfill its mission through curricular, co-curricular, and community learning programs.