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Wormsley '01, scoring big on the court and aiming for slam dunk relationships

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Posted on Monday, February 28, 2022

Andrew Wormsley '01, Business Administration graduate, didn't just score big on the court, playing professional basketball for years following his time at Westminster. He created his own YouTube channel about shooting for a slam dunk relationship - despite being "opposite" from your other. Follow along in his story and learn about his life.

Tell me a little bit about your life following graduation.

Following graduation, I played a summer of semi pro basketball in Belize. Current head coach Kevin Siroki was playing and coaching there and he set it up for me to come down and play. From there I went on to play four years professionally in Europe - three years in Denmark and one year in Finland. After a knee injury, I came home and took some time off. Eventually, I landed a sales position with Philips Respironics in Murrysville, Pa. Flash forward 15 years and I am still working with the company.  I have had numerous roles within the organization but I am currently a Strategic Account Manager living in Southern California with my wife, Laura, son, Rohaun (5), and daughter, Ophelia (2).  

What was the biggest life lesson you learned during your time at Westminster? 

The biggest life lesson is one that actually started with my parents and definitely continued at Westminster: stay humble and always work hard! It was such a blessing to have had the opportunity to play basketball with great teammates and for a prestigious school. Always work hard and stay humble as you continue push yourself...even in your successes. 

Who was the most impactful person during your time at Westminster? Why? 

I don’t believe I can mention just one. I would have to say my coaches and teammates. Without them, their leadership and companionship, I wouldn't have made it as a student-athlete or been nearly as successful basketball player. I was fortunate enough to play for two great head coaches, Jim Dafler and Ron Galbreath. I also shared the floor with amazing upperclassmen like Deean Haggerty, Kevin Dill, and Ryan Strugess always led by example. To this day I am still extremely close friends with my roommates/teammates, Henry Klinar, J.P. Maszczak, and Chad Phillips.

Sports were a large aspect of your Westminster College experience (and beyond). Can you tell me what they taught you as you progressed through the ranks to being a professional basketball player? 

I have learned so many life lessons within the four lines of the hardwood. I suppose one of the most influential is the lesson that you can only control the controllables. As I matured at Westminster and into my professional playing career, I learned that sometimes it's best to let the game come to you instead of trying to take over the game. Sometimes it's better to do less instead of more. I still hold true to that lesson in my work and family life. 

What encouraged you to begin Embrace the Opposite?

Embrace the Opposite is a youtube channel and relationship coaching service. I was encouraged to start it based on my own exciting but difficult experience in my marriage. I was looking for something practical and relatable for motivation. The idea behind it is that in each of us there is a normal mode of operation or status quo that is created by past events/traumas, ideas of self (both who we are and who we envision ourselves to be), and the desires or goals we have for our lives.

In relationships with others, many times this status quo is challenged or disrupted and we find ourselves confused, uncomfortable, and feeling hurt. Embrace the Opposite is a reminder that just because something is different or even "opposite" from who we believe ourselves to be, it doesn't mean it's wrong. And if we are courageous enough to embrace those opposites, we might find more mature, empathetic, and fulfilling relationships on the other side. As you can tell I am very passionate about it! 

What was it like moving from PA to CA? What was the biggest challenge and how did you overcome it? 

As you can imagine such a big move was a multi-layered, stressful, and exciting endeavor. My wife, Laura, and I had our son Rohaun a mere 6 months earlier. The biggest challenge was finding a place to stay. We had to take multiple trips back and forth to find a place that fit our family needs and price range, ultimately going with a place sight unseen! In the end, it all worked out. We really love it out here and do our best to only visit our families in Pittsburgh during the warmer months of the year!

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