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Drinko Center Announces 22 Scholars in Service to Pennsylvania for 2009-2010

Westminster College's Drinko Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning announced 22 Westminster students were selected as Scholars in Service to Pennsylvania (SISPA) for 2009-2010.

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College to Host Diversity Speaker and Educator

Jane Elliott

Westminster College will host teacher, lecturer, and diversity trainer Jane Elliott for two sessions Wednesday, March 3. Both lectures are free and open to the public.

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Music Department to Host Guest Artist for Voice Recital

Misook Yun

The Westminster College Department of Music will host guest artist Misook Yun for a voice recital Tuesday, Oct. 26, at 7:30 p.m. in Wallace Memorial Chapel. The event is free and open to the public.

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Chemistry Professor Partnered with Wilmington Area High School Chemistry Teachers

Dr. Helen Boylan (l) and Abby Sarver supervise Wilmington Area High School student Catherine Foltz as she injects a sample into the gas chromatograph

Dr. Helen Boylan, Westminster College associate professor of chemistry, collaborated with Wilmington Area High School chemistry teachers Melissa Marsh and Abby Sarver as part of a pilot partnering program sponsored by the American Chemical Society.

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Alumna's Research Published

Rachael Hoffman

Rachael Hoffman, a 2011 Westminster College graduate, was the lead author of an article published in a recent issue of the Consortium of College and University Media Centers' (CCUMC) College and University Media Review. 

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Westminster College Admissions Staff to Visit Local High Schools

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. - Westminster College admissions staff will be visiting local high schools Nov. 5-13.

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Westminster College Foster Art Gallery to Host Reception Sept. 5

From Matthew Guest's The Tyranny of Objects series, 2013 mixed media drawing

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. - Westminster College's Department of Communication Studies, Theatre and Art will host an art gallery opening and reception Thursday, September 5, from 4:30-6 p.m. at the Foster Art Gallery in Patterson Hall. The event is free to the public.

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Westminster College Presents "Science and Public Policy"

Westminster College will host "Science and Public Policy" Nov. 19 at 5:00 p.m. at the Hoyt Science Center, Room 152. The event is free and open to the public.

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Westminster Speaker to Discuss Pheromones

Dr. Sarah Woodley, assistant professor of biology at Duquesne University, will discuss "Pheromones and Mate Recognition" at Westminster College, Thursday, Oct. 28, at 7 p.m. in Phillips Lecture Hall located in the Hoyt Science Resources Center.

 "She will discuss how pheromones involved in mate recognition are detected and processed by the nervous system," said Dr. Ann Throckmorton, associate professor of biology at Westminster College.  "Pheromones are chemicals secreted by an animal that influences the behavior or development of others of the same species, often functioning as an attractant of the opposite sex.  Her work was done with ferrets, which are a good model system for understanding how humans process pheromones."

 "This is particularly timely because the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology was just awarded to Axel and Buck for their work on the molecular biology of how orders, including pheromones, are detected by sensory neurons in the nose," Throckmorton continued.  "She will conclude by talking about more recent work she is doing on salamanders, looking at how sex steroids hormones like estrogen modulate the detection of courtship pheromones."

 The event is free and open to the public.  For more information, contact Throckmorton at (724) 946-7209 or e-mail

Westminster Senior Accepted into Prestigious Acting School

Robert Allen, a senior theatre major from Westminster College, has been accepted into the Actors Studio Drama School in New York City.

"I started looking at theater schools when I was a sophomore at Westminster," Allen said.  "Actors Studio looked like a good program, but I thought it was a long shot to get in because they cut 30 percent of their applications before even meeting you.

"Because of Westminster's size, I was able to be on stage a lot, and had the opportunity to grow.  I was in a leading role more than once, and always got a part in every play, which gave me a good all around understanding of theatre," Allen said.

"Ever since I started here, professors have guided me through the graduate school process," he added.  They taught me the language of the craft.  They helped me with the essay I had to write.  It was difficult answering the six questions required in 300 words or less.  It had to be concise, but still fully explain my answers."

Allen had about two more weeks practice and several days of performance in "Tartuffe" when he received his acceptance at the acting school.

"I applied in January and was notified in mid-February that I had been invited to audition.  I was told that the selection of the scene for my audition was crucial, and that I was going to need a partner," Allen said.  I chose Kauleen Cloutier (a senior theatre and French major from Pittsburgh) to go with me, but we both had to wait until Tartuffe' was over before we could concentrate on my audition."

When "Tartuffe" was over, Allen needed help to began his preparation for this audition, so he went to a few of his professors , Dr. Andrew Ade, assistant professor of English; Dr. Jeffrey Bersett, assistant professor of Spanish; and Dr. Scott Mackenzie, assistant professor of theatre.

"I had two weeks to get ready.  I went to talk to Dr. Ade, Dr. Bersett, and Dr. Mackenzie to get their ideas about what work I should use," Allen said.  "This was important because the school indicated that the scene I chose would tell them more about me than the performance.  Lucia Mad' was chosen because it was both a comedy and a drama."

Allen is not sure about what he will do after receiving his MFA in acting. 

"I'm excited about being accepted to this school.  I love acting and doing theatre, but I know that is a long shot," Allen said.  "I also want to write and direct, and maybe someday teach, but I'll always want to be in theatre doing something."

Allen is a son of Robert and Dorothy Allen, Niles, Ohio, and a graduate of McKinley High School.  While at Westminster, Allen was a member of Theta Chi fraternity, a student government senator, and a member of the Westminster Speech and Debate Team.  Allen was also busy writing a full-length play "Hold On" as his capstone. 

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