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Title IX Training Materials

Westminster College conducts annual training of all Title IX personnel. Required by the Title IX Final Rule, training materials are made available to the public. Accessible versions of training materials are being produced for the website and anyone who needs assistance with accessing the materials should contact Student Affairs.

 Title IX Coordinator & Investigator Training

 Constructing the Live Hearing Process

 Combined Sexual Misconduct and DVDVS Investigator Training Class

 Westminster College Title IX Training

 Mock Hearing Debrief Report

 SA/DV/DV/S Information & Awareness For Hearing Officers and Decision Makers

 TIX Sanctions

 Trauma Informed Hearing Practice

 Sexual Assault on Campus: A Trauma Informed Response

 Victim Dynamics

 Offender Dynamics

 Impacts of Trauma

 Trauma Informed Response

 Working with the LGBTQ+ Community

 Dating/Domestic Violence and Stalking

 Report Writing and Use of Language

 Working Collaboratively