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The WE-Connect Program serves junior and senior students by connecting them with members of the alumni community for the purpose of generating advice and support as they prepare for life after college!



Why Join We-Connect?

  • Use the power of the Titan alumni network to help establish your personal brand and navigate life after college.
  • Get feedback on your job search materials and polish your pitch with the help of alumni.
  • Expand your professional network. Your Titan connection will help link you to others who can offer personal advice and career assistance.
  • Learn about the region where you want to live or work. Get the inside scoop on things like where to look for an apartment and how to get involved in the community.
  • Be inspired by another Titan who wants to help you succeed.
  • Help your juniors and seniors build connections with alumni who have already made positive transitions to post-college life.
  • The WE-Connect team will link your students with alumni who have relevant professional expertise, tying them into a larger network. Students will gain information, support and recommendations about potential jobs and their post-college lives.



You would be a great resource! Here’s what we have found that alumni can offer students.

  • Even though your current role in the workforce may not match the students area of interest exactly, we hope that you will champion student success by connecting students to other alumni who may have contacts in an industry and/or area of interest and/or alumni in certain geographic area.
  • Help strengthen student self-presentation skills, provide them with professional recommendations (resume and graduate essay review, and encourage engagement and enrollment in supplemental professional organizations that may enhance their skill set and academic knowledge), as well as link them to established on-campus resources.
  • Offer advice about how to successfully understand these life-after-college elements.
  • Communicate with your student 2-3 times per semester and provide encouragement during milestones.

The WE-Connect program also solidifies alumni connections with the College, faculty members and academic programs. Connections build loyalty and strength. A loyal, strong alumni base builds a stronger Westminster, so we thank you for making Westminster College stronger.