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Office of Professional Development & Community Engagement


Mission Statement

The Office of Professional Development & Community Engagement provides superior services to help students discern their academic and vocational interests. Through innovative programming, individualized support, and connections with the Titan Network of alumni and friends, students are empowered to lead lives of meaning, integrity, and success in the 21st century workforce.


Core Values

Office of Professional Development & Community Engagement staff members are committed to:

  1. Currency in research and best practices that support student’s vocational discernment and preparedness for a rapidly evolving workforce.
  2. Awareness of emerging trends across industries to inform planning, services, and resources.
  3. Experiential learning that allows students to explore and discover their career paths.
  4. Inclusive support of all students through innovative programming
  5. Students’ lifelong professional and personal development.
  6. Proactive and responsive collaboration with College and community partners to augment students’ professional development opportunities and vocational preparedness.


Areas of Distinction

The Office of Professional Development & Community Engagement will be distinguished by and assessed for services that lead to:

  1. Students’ career preparedness though personal assessments, individualized career counseling, transformative experiential opportunities and professional programming.
  2. Collaborative relationships that provide students with opportunities to explore career interests and to develop professional competencies that lead to vocational success.
  3. Strong peer-to-peer and alumni-to-student networks that build students’ professional competencies.
  4. Strong relationships with community and employer partners that create internship and career opportunities for students

  2019 Graduate Survey


Classroom to Career: Four Year Timeline

First Year:

  1. Join student organizations or obtain an oncampus job, and begin to document your achievements for a resume or e-portfolio.
  2. Activate your Handshake account to join an online community of alumni and employers, as well as to make appointments at the PDC.
  3. Find a summer job or internship in your field to explore a career and gain experience.

Sophomore Year:

  1. Seek out leadership roles on and off campus, and come to the PDC for help with updating your resume accordingly.
  2. Create a LinkedIn profile and join the TitanNetwork to connect with alumni andcompanies of interest.
  3. Participate in the annual spring Internship & Job Fair to network and search for positions in your career field.
  4. Attend PDC hosted workshops on resume writing, internships, and job search strategies.

Junior Year:

  1. Research potential internships and employers by networking with alumni and recruiters at the Professional Networking Symposium.
  2. Join We-Connect and work with a Westminster alum for academic and professional advice.
  3. Attend PDC informational programs, panels, and special events.
  4. Update your resume and e-portfolio beforeattending the Internship & Job Fair in the spring.

Senior Year:

  1. Begin your job search and participate in mock interviews and resume review workshops to prepare.
  2. Continue your We-Connect relationship from junior year and specifically seek advice to prepare you for life after college.
  3. Attend local job fairs: WestPACS and PERC, and network with alumni and employers at the Professional Networking Symposium and the Internship & Job Fair.
  4. Attend Senior Seminar in the fall, and Dine & Shine in the spring, to sharpen skills for your professional or academic future.