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Justin R. Gregorich

Justin R. Gregorich

Director of the PDCE

Professional Development Center

(724) 946-7339

Campus Location:
   McKelvey Campus Center
   Office - 267
Mailbox: PDCE


About Me

I am a proud 2010 Westminster graduate majoring in Elementary Education. I have lived in the surrounding area my entire life. A 2006 graduate of West Middlesex High School, I decided to stay close to home and attend here, which ended up being the best decision of my life. Shortly after graduating, my wife and I wed at the Wallace Memorial Chapel, and we moved to the Youngstown, Ohio, area, where we have lived ever since. For over ten years, I have worked in public and higher education in the Mercer County area, assisting students ranging from 7th grade to seniors in college.

At Westminster, I serve as the Director of Professional Development and Community Engagement (PDCE). This position is a collaborative endeavor that will allow me to assist students with internship, career, and networking opportunities and problem-based and service learning opportunities that complement classroom instruction.

When I am not on campus, our three children are running my wife and I around (she, too, is a proud alumna of the college). Though my hobbies include video games, golf, and playing cards, my main activity is attending our children's soccer games, cheer games, and competitions while I also coach my son's baseball team.