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For People and Programs ($15,000,000)

Increasing our endowment is the highest priority of Ever Higher.

Endowed Scholarships: $10,000,000

New endowed scholarships ensure that bright, motivated students from a variety of backgrounds have the opportunity to earn a first-class education — preparing them for lives of accomplishment and service.

Endowed Faculty Development: $1,000,000

Faculty engagement in research and special projects enriches teaching by keeping faculty current in their fields, broadening their areas of expertise, and providing new information for revising existing courses and developing new offerings.

Endowed Academic Program Enhancements: $1,000,000

A variety of programs, such as study abroad, internships, educational exchanges, and distinguished speakers, enhance students' educational experience and foster personal growth.

Non-Endowed Academic Program Enhancements: $1,000,000

Restricted annual or multiyear gifts also provide vital ongoing support for academic program enhancements.

The John and Libby Drinko Center for Experiential Learning

The Drinko Center mission is to enrich the undergraduate experience by engaging students in collaborative research with faculty, by incorporating academically meaningful service-learning into the curriculum, by participating in collaborations that address community and regional needs, by initiating and supporting civic engagement activities, and by continuing to build and share the College's expertise in these areas. Over time, this will firmly establish Westminster as a regional and national leader in undergraduate experiential education.

  • Endowed Experiential Education Initiatives: $1,000,000
    Endowed undergraduate research programs, service-learning courses, and civic engagement activities enrich students' academic experience and help build professional experience.
  • Non-Endowed Experiential Education Initiatives: $500,000
    Restricted annual or multiyear gifts also provide vital ongoing support for undergraduate research, service-learning, and other Drinko Center Programs.
  • Endowed Directorship: $500,000
    Endowed support for this position will help integrate experiential education throughout the curriculum.