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Business Administration

Requirements for the Major

Business and Supporting Courses

ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I
ACC 202 Principles of Accounting II
BA 140 The American Workplace
BA/ECO 220 Statistics
BA 230 Business Law
BA 305 Marketing
BA 310 Organizations and Management
BA 325 Management Information Systems
BA 350 Finance
BA 601 Strategic Management (Capstone)
ECO 150 Economic Reasoning
MTH 131 or higher Applied Calculus

And four of the following courses:

ACC/BA 300 Cost Accounting
BA 240 Entrepreneurship
BA 326 E-Commerce Marketing
BA 330/ECO 601 Business Forecasting
BA 360 Human Resources Management
BA/ECO 365 International Finance
BA 380 Investments
BA/ECO 385 Financial Economics
BA/ECO 388 Corporate Credit Analysis
BA 390 Buyer Behavior
BA 410 Global Marketing Management
BA 594 Internship
BA 611 Approved Advanced Topics (4 SH)


What can you do with a Business Administration degree?

Imagine yourself an entrepreneur, a manager, a corporate officer, or a board member.