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An Open Letter to Westminster College Students, Faculty, Staff and Administration

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Posted on Friday, July 10, 2020

To Westminster Students: Thank you for your cooperation, hard work, sacrifice, and flexibility in adjusting to this emergency situation. We are so very proud of all of you and how you have adjusted. Congratulations on demonstrating the Westminster Way. You are Titans!

To Westminster Faculty: Please accept our sincere gratitude for the incredible work you have done to keep classes going, even in these unusual times. Your willingness to be creative and innovative, as well as supportive and compassionate, while continuing to teach is inspirational. We are so very grateful that you are Titans!

To Westminster Staff: You have amazed us with your determination and dedication while working from home. In moving Westminster forward, you continue clearing obstacles to ultimately support students and faculty. You are amazing and we are very honored that you are Titans!

To Westminster Administration: We stand in awe and appreciation of how you have managed, coordinated, and directed Westminster in this National Emergency. We are so proud of the hard work, time, and commitment you have given to our students, faculty, and staff. Your brilliant juggling of what needs to be done right now, while planning for the future, reminds us of how fortunate the Board is to be served by this Administration. Bravo, well done! Thank you for being Titans!

In 1852, our founders embraced the daunting dream of founding our college and ultimately brought this to fruition in just 3 months. We remain committed to Westminster College and, like our founders, the past 3 months have united the entire Westminster community in our goal to continue providing an outstanding educational experience. Thank you for your insight, direction, and commitment in accepting this unprecedented challenge. Westminster will continue to be a leader in higher education. We are all part of this great heritage that is the Titan community and its tradition of excellence.

The Westminster College Board of Trustees