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Senior Mathematics Major Presents Research at Conference in CA

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Posted on Monday, January 22, 2018

Senior mathematics major Trevor Arrigoni presented his research at the AMS/MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego, CA, on January 10-13. The conference is the largest meeting of mathematicians in the world, with over 6,300 attendees this year. 

Arrigoni conducted this research as a part of the NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates at the University of Texas at Tyler during the summer of 2017. He and his research group presented their findings to professors from different universities during a poster session.

“Seeing other people come up to our poster, enthusiastic about listening to our research, was an amazing thing,” Arrigoni said. “The fact that other people think our research is interesting and useful is amazing.”

The group looked at Inverse Semi-Group Theory, which is used to understand certain fields within physics. Even though he only presented once at the conference, Arrigoni used his additional time to attend other presentations.

“Even listening to a talk where I had no prior background knowledge of the specific field was interesting,” he said. “As with any subject, there is always a lot to learn and it showed me just how much there is out there in the field of mathematics.”

Upon graduating in the spring, Arrigoni hopes to attend graduate school before pursing his Ph.D. in mathematics. 

Written by Megan Simpson