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Broadcast Communications Alumnus Offers Filmmaking Advice to Documentary Capstone Students

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Posted on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Jonathan Joy ’03 recently visited students enrolled in documentary production led by Brad Weaver, lecturer at Westminster College, to share some filmmaking advice. Joy currently teaches media production at the University of Buffalo where he is also finishing up his MFA.

Joy shared tips and other filmmaking knowledge he picked up over the years.

"The cycle of technology will never stop, and neither should your love for narrative,” shared Joy. “It doesn't matter, technically, how it was produced, but aesthetic and thematically why was it produced. Know your production intentions and know your audience”.

Emiley Westfall, Charlie Borges, Justin Wilson, Brad Kolesar and Troy Jackson are currently producing their capstone documentaries and will present their trailers at the Undergraduate Research and Arts Festival on April 26. Their final projects will screen on campus this November.

"The diverse collection of work from this year's capstone class is a testament to the guidance, support and tiresome effort from faculty member Brad Weaver,” added Joy. “Each project contains its own distinct voice filled with professional level work, excelling at all three phases of production."

For more information, contact Brad Weaver at or 724-316-9618.