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Westminster College Welcomes High School Programmers to Campus, March 7

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Posted on Friday, March 4, 2016

Westminster College will host over 80 students from seven surrounding school districts for the Westminster College Programming Contest, March 7 in the Hoyt Science Center.

Modeled after collegiate programming competitions around the world, teams of up to four students will be given a set of six problems to solve as many problems as they can in 2.5 hours. Teams submit their solutions electronically to the judges where it is tested. If their program outputs the correct answers for all the test cases, they will advance to the next problem. Otherwise, teams must try to correct their code and resubmit it. Teams who achieve the most correct answers win.

“The event is an opportunity for area high school students to demonstrate their programming abilities in a competitive environment,” said Dr. John Bonomo, professor of computer science and event host, problem writer, and judging software manager. “This event is exciting because it engages many bright high school students in an academically challenging contest. They get a taste of what it means to compete in competitions that are identical in style to those run in colleges across the world.”

High schools participating in the competition are Blackhawk, Greenville, Mercer, Nichols, North Allegheny, Seneca Valley, and Wilmington.  

More information can be found here. Contact Bonomo at with questions.