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Ceramic Art of Westminster Professor Purchased by Museum

Posted on Monday, September 27, 2004

Kathy Koop, professor of art at Westminster College, recently had five porcelain cactus jars purchased by the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pamona, Cal.

 "It's the only museum in the country devoted solely to the collection, preservation, and display of works in clay," Koop said.  "Of course I'm thrilled to have them in such an important museum."

"The five porcelain cactus jars collected by the museum represent the culmination of a series that I focused on for the last 10 years.  My interest in the cacti motif was inspired by raising cacti for 30 years and many camping trips to desert regions.  These plants are fascinating due to the contradictions present in their vast varieties of fleshy forms, protective spines, and glorious blooms.  My personal rewards occurred during the long process of small discoveries and the challenge of visual problem solving along the way."

Koop, who has been with Westminster College since 1973, earned her undergraduate and master's degrees from Indiana University.  Koop's work has been featured in galleries in Texas, New York, and California, as well as the local shows such at the Three Rivers Art Festival and the Hoyt Institute of Fine Art.  She has lectured in numerous locations, including the Florida Everglades National Park Visitor Center, the Mara Institute of Technology in Shah Alam, Malaysia, and the International Workshop of Ceramic Art in Tokoname, Japan.

For more information, contact Koop at (724) 946-7267 or e-mail

Kathy Koop & Cactus Jar Art
Cactus Jar